WMC earns recertification

PINPOINT PRECISION — Drs. Carol Slomski, left, and Kara Leslie discuss enhanced breast surgery certification at Weirton Medical Center. -- Contributed

WEIRTON — Weirton Medical Center has earned recertification as a Savi Scout Wire-Free Provider. The technology is a wire-free radar localization system used at WMC when locating breast tumors.

In the past, lumpectomy procedures involved the insertion of a wire into the breast prior to surgery to help physicians locate target tissue. However, with the Savi Scout, no wire is inserted. Instead, radar and a small reflector are used for locating tissue in question.

Using Scout, breast surgeon Dr. Carol Slomski can precisely target affected tissue to pinpoint location within 1 milimeter. Such precision results in more successful surgeries and optimized breast conservation strategies. With the wire in the past, patients experienced discomfort and the risk of movement of the wire and scarring.

For information–the WMC BreastCare Team can be reached at (304) 797-6433. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and WMC BreastCare Center will be offering extended morning, evening and weekend hours for mammograms. To an appointment, call (304) 797-6433.


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