Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Vandalized: A Toronto area resident told deputies she returned from work to find a tree in her yard had been “cut and pruned to the point it will die,” Friday. The complainant said the tree service told her her neighbor had told them to cut it.

Threatening: A Bloomingdale area resident told deputies he believes his neighbor is trying to intimidate him and his wife, Friday. Complainant told deputies he thinks the neighbors took exception to him using a shotgun to get rid of a hornet’s nest.

Steubenville police

Arrested: Timothy L. Johnson, 52, 1423 Ridge Ave., Steubenville, domestic violence, Saturday. Police reported they had been summoned to a residence on Rosswell twice Saturday, the second time because Johnson allegedly had threatened physical harm to another individual.


Arrested: Kevin Kinatz, 42, 128 First St., Bergholz, attempted burglary, aggravated menacing, telecommunications harassment, criminal damaging/making false alarms, Saturday.


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