Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Jefferson Behavioral Health System to David and Angela Majer, part lots 5-6, Martin Andrew’s.

Can-More LLC to Colonial Investments LLC, lot 36, Beechwood.

Potomac Mineral Group LLC to Jubilee Royalty Holdings LLC, lot 34, Wrenwood Estates.

Robert and Julie Ross to Mark and Hannah Custer, lot 2, Hammonds’.

John Savage Jr. and others to Roger Elder and Tina Staley, part lot 11 and lot 12, Langfitts Fairview (survivorship).

Martha Valentine to Stan and Patricia Hiner Sr., 0.25 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Margaret Tarnovich to Chesney and Lynda Glenn, lot 12 and part lot 11, Banfield (survivorship).

Rosemary Mascolino to Anthony Grant and William Grant, Unit 4338, Steeple Chase (survivorship).

Monica Moore (deceased) to Larry Moore, lots 29-30, Shellys’; metes, Island Creek Township; and 0.733 acre, Salem Township.

Carol Armstrong (deceased) to Robert Armstrong, part lot 3, Highland Park.

Cindy Medley and others to Dondre Edwards, part lot 122, Becker Highlands.

Debra Awes to Erick Hennebert, part lots 2, 4 and 6, Luptons’.

Charles Yocum and Che Higgs Yocum, 1.749 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Charles Yocum and Che Higgs Yocum, 1.045 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Cheryl Keifer to Shannon Kelly, part lot 57 and lot 58, Beverly Hills Seventh.

JD Home Management LLC to Anthony Renzelli, lot 28, Brentwood Estates.

JD Home Management LLC to Joshua Jones, part lot 62, Green Acres.

Bryan and Jodie Snodgrass to Alyssa Morrison, lots 15-16, JA Medcalf’s.

Isabella Kovach (deceased) to US Bank, trustee, lot 138, Robert Clark’s Third.

Joseph Payne Jr. (deceased) to Janet Payne, metes, Island Creek Township.

Ann Gossett (deceased) to Roger Gossett, 63.34 acres, Island Creek Township.

Barbara Gibbons to John and Emal Westling, lot 22, Grandview Estates No. 1 (survivorship).

Kathy Treglia to Kathy and Robert Treglia, metes, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

George Andrews (deceased) to Debrah Andrews, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

William and Michelle Schaefer to JB Realty, part lots 93-94, Labelle View.

Donna Merenda and others to JB Realty, lot 74, Simmons & Fosters.

Jennifer Marquardt to Jennifer and Ari Marquardt, lot 23, Walker’s (survivorship).

Kay Criss to David Potenzini, lot 8 and part lot 7, Banfield.

Douglas and Wendy Ketchum to Jaycob Madden, lots 2-4, Monroeville.

Michael and Jeanne Baker to Trinity Dounda, lot 38, Original Amsterdam.

Georgianna Hazlett (deceased) to Aaron Pearch, lot 68, Beechwood No. 2.

Belinda Stock to Michael Johnson, 0.633 acre, Knox Township.

Mary Zelich and Delores Pasquarella (both deceased) to Helen Straus and others, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Helen Straus and others to Julius Verhovec and Jodee Verhovec, metes, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Richard Coss (deceased) to Linda Coss, 0.78 acre, Warren Township.

David Kakascik to David Kakascik LLC, lot 36, Watson & Thomasson’s First.

Virginia Peterson to Lori Devore, lots 148-149, Silver Stream Knolls First.

JD Home Management LLC to Lake Front Properties LLC, lot 6, Simmons & Fosters.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to Larry Yanda and Lauren Yanda, lot 4, McCauslen Manor (survivorship).

Wells Fargo Bank to Joseph and Colby Decesare, lot 29, John Spahns Third (survivorship).

Robert and Laura Phillips III to Pharmassociates LLC, lot 580, Labelle.

Nathan and Holly Marquardt to Nathan and Holly Marquardt, lots 64-65 and part lot 63, Walker’s First.


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