Police reports

Steubenville police

Concerned: A woman in the 1300 block of Maryland told police a neighbor was a witch who “yells into a megaphone and is casting wicked spells,” Saturday.

Stalking: A Steubenville resident reported her ex-boyfriend entered her home while she was away, Friday. The suspect, who entered through a window, allegedly drank a beer and took a shower while inside. When she called him to find out if he’d been in the home, she said he told her he wanted to see her.

Reckless: A HeadStart bus driver reported an individual driving a white pickup truck passed his bus while the stop sign bar was engaged, Friday.

Shoplifting: A tall white male wearing a grey sweatshirt and a grey West Virginia toboggan allegedly left a store near the mall without paying for his merchandise, Friday. The man allegedly waited for someone to enter the store then ran out the door, jumping into a waiting car.

Hit-skip: A driver reported being rear-ended by a vehicle that fled the scene, Friday. When they located the other vehicle, police said the woman who had been driving said her foot slipped off the brake and she bumped the other car.


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