Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Suspicious: A man told deputies he was walking on Maple Street in Smithfield when he saw another man walking near a home “and it appeared that he was maybe going to break into” it, Tuesday. He said when he asked the other man what he was doing, the man took a swing at him, then ran off. Deputies said the complainant told them “thefts occur in Smithfield all the time” and he doesn’t want to be blamed for them.

Found: A 26-foot Budget Rental box truck stolen from a work site in Bettendorf, Iowa, by a former employee of the business was recovered in the parking lot of a truck stop on Canton Road, Wintersville, Tuesday. The truck was unoccupied but secure, and no one saw the person who was driving it, deputies said.

Terminated: A substitute teacher at Edison Local was fired after a female student reported he made an inappropriate comment to her, Feb. 13. The girl told an assistant principal she felt uncomfortable and immediately reported the alleged incident, deputies said. Her parents also were notified.

Burned: A Toronto resident believes a couch stored under her porch was deliberately set on fire Tuesday. The home’s occupant believes the incident might have been racially motivated.

Missing: Prescription painkillers were reported missing from a nursing home in Jefferson County, Tuesday.

Threat: A Smithfield resident with an unlisted number reported an unknown caller told his wife he wanted to assault their 11-year-old daughter, Tuesday. The girl’s mother passed the phone to her husband, but the caller hung up then called back and apologized. Deputies used caller ID to trace the call to a residence in Utica, Ohio, where a 14-year-old boy already on juvenile probation told authorities he was “just dialing numbers and when a woman answered, and he made a comment about her daughter.” The youth said it was meant as a prank, deputies said.

Assault: An Edison Local teen was suspended for 10 days for sexual misconduct after a 13-year-old girl told her mother he’d touched her inappropriately on a school bus, Tuesday. Deputies said the girl, who was bruised, said it had happened several times from November through January. The boy claimed the contact was consensual and that they’d “fooled around” numerous times on the bus and they’d talked via Snapchat.

Found: A stolen gun was recovered in Chicago, Wednesday. The gun had been stolen nearly one year ago from a Cadiz-area residence, along with $200 in change, $300 in cash, $50 in old coins and several silver dollars, deputies reported.

Threats: A Wintersville resident reported receiving threatening text messages from his former business partner, Tuesday.

Arrested: Melanie Paulin, 42, 141 W. Main St., Richmond, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a drug instrument, Tuesday, Paulin also cited for driving under suspension.

Arrested: Brian White, 37, 1513 county Road 78, Amsterdam, failure to appear, Tuesday.

Harrison County sheriff

Arrested: Cody Lee Hayman, 26, 61 Pine St., Adena, probation violation, Tuesday.

Arrested: Anthony Haughe II, 32, 451 N. Main St., Cadiz, probation violation, Tuesday.

Steubenville police

Arrested: Paul Stackhouse, 34, 1418 Pennsylvania Ave., Steubenville, four counts of trafficking drugs, no date listed.

Arrested: John Powell, 34, 421 Union Ave., Steubenville, four counts of trafficking drugs, no date listed.

Arrested: Brian White, 37, 1513 County Road 78, Amsterdam, failure to appear, Wednesday.

Arrested: Joshua McShan, 32, 539 N. Sixth St., Steubenville, possession of drugs, failure to comply, failure to signal and operating a vehicle under the influence, Wednesday.

Arrested: Anthony A. Smith, 28, 407 Clinton Ave., Steubenville, domestic violence, Tuesday. Smith allegedly punched a family member in the face, breaking that person’s glasses and bloodying their lip, after he was told to leave the residence when he was done eating because he was intoxicated. Smith allegedly assaulted another individual who tried to intervene. En route to jail, police reported Smith “multiple times” said he wanted to return to the residence “and kill them both.”

Arrested: Jon Davis, 49, 3218 St. Charles Drive, Steubenville, domestic violence, Wednesday. Davis was also cited for driving under suspension and unlawful plates.

Hit-skip: The owner of a vehicle parked in the 100 block of Welday Avenue said his car has been struck by a vehicle that left the scene, Tuesday. The owner of the car said video surveillance showed the damage was done by a trailer on a vehicle belonging to a contractor doing work for a neighbor. Police said the rear bumper was cracked and the undercarriage bent and torn.

Trashed: Police said owners of four properties in the 1000 block of Claire Avenue were notified of litter violations, Tuesday. Officers said they observed bags of garbage and litter strewn on two properties; garbage, old furniture, litter and an old refrigerator were found on a third property; and a fourth, vacant since 2009 and owned by a Rayland resident, was strewn with trash and litter.

Trashed: Police said the owner of a property in the 600 block of Pine Street was notified to remove bags of garbage and an old couch, Tuesday.

Cited: Vicki Garan, 62, 115 Kathleen Way, Weirton, red light violation.


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