Police reports


Unruly: Callers reported people fighting in the 300 block of Terrace Avenue, Sunday. Police said they spoke to “a group of highly intoxicated individuals” who told them the aggressor left before they arrived.

Naked and afraid: A caller told police a naked man jumped out from behind a sign in the area of state Route 7 and Lincoln Avenue, Sunday. Police said they couldn’t find a man matching that description.

Found: A vehicle that someone borrowed and never returned was located in the woods behind the 400 block of Woodland, Sunday. The owner said the man who borrowed the vehicle showed him its location, about a mile behind the tree line. Police said the vehicle had traveled “over multiple downed trees and appeared to have a broken front axle,” and he’d need to find a company that provides off road services to retrieve it.

Uber-ville: A woman in the 200 block of North Third Street told police she needed a ride to Pittsburgh, Monday. Police declined.

Petty: Callers said a man was talking to himself and acting strangely, Sunday. The man told police he’d been talking on his cell phone.

Entered: Someone removed a television and ransacked a residence on Maryland Avenue, Sunday.

Shots fired: A caller reported hearing shots fired in the 1300 block of Jefferson and a subject needed an ambulance, Sunday. Police said there was no evidence of gun play, and the man who needed the ambulance required medical assistance for a blocked catheter.

Reported: A caller reported hearing a single gunshot in the 2500 block of Crabbe Boulevard, Monday. Police said they could find no evidence that a gun had been being fired.

Bad apple: An individual who purchased an Apple watch for $150 from a resident in the 400 block of North Fourth Street was upset because it’s linked to the seller’s phone, Sunday. The seller said the buyer was leaving threatening messages but was unable to produce any examples, police said.

Arrested: Brian Emery, 41, Apt. 2, 403 N. Fourth St., failure to appear out of Columbiana County, Sunday.

Arrested: Joshua Fate, 31, 1521 Oregon Ave., aggravated menacing, Friday.

Arrested: Tyka Petrella, 30, 324 S. Fourth St., domestic violence, Friday.

Arrested: Justin Bowers, 25, Cadiz, driving under the influence, Friday.

Arrested: Courtney R. Eccles, 23,1016 McNeal Ave., failure to appear, Sunday.

Arrested: Wilbur D. Ewing, 50, Apartment F, 721 Market St., public intoxication, Sunday.

Arrested: Teresa Strovilas, 45, 3220 Sunset Blvd., assault on a police officer, disorderly conduct in an emergency room and domestic violence, Sunday.

Arrested: Thomas Tennant, 25, 44 Shields Drive, Colliers, contempt, Sunday.

Arrested: Renee D. Staudacher, 35, no fixed address, possession of a hypodermic needle, Monday. Staudacher also was cited for intoxication.

Cited: Tammy L. Simmons, 54, and Kristen L. Melton, 22, both of 115 Ohio St., cited for criminal trespass, Sunday. Simmons also wascited for driving under suspension.

Jefferson County sheriff

Don’t come back: A woman who thought her boyfriend was cheating on her drove from Steubenville to a residence in Wintersville on a tire that had “significant damage” from striking something, Saturday. Deputies were called because the woman was pounding on the door of the boyfriend’s residence, and his mother told them she doesn’t want the girl on her property any more.

Uninvited: Homeowners reported a man they didn’t know was sitting on their porch in Piney Fork, Sunday. The man had left the area on foot before deputies arrived, but they found him in a ditch at the intersection of township Roads 135 and 120 in Smithfield township. The man, who smelled strongly of alcohol, said he was with friends earlier but on the way home they told him to get out of the car and left him.

Bad break: A man told deputies his girlfriend attacked him with a knife when he refused to get into bed with her and another couple, Saturday. He said the woman also slapped his head because he wouldn’t cooperate, and when he fled the residence she grabbed a hammer and took a few swings at his vehicle. The man chose not to file criminal charges but did say he would like a protection order. Because they’d been drinking at a local tavern, the man secured his vehicle and deputies took him to a local motel for the night. The girlfriend called to report he was driving drunk.

Bad loser: Three me and a woman said they were playing a board game at a Knox Township home when they started fighting over the rules, Saturday. One of the men allegedly tried to hit the others with a frying pan and a spatula.

Thieves: A caller reported a white male and a black female tried to take tools and other items from a vehicle parked on Williams Street in Tiltonsville. Friday. The pair fled empty-handed when a family member confronted them.


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