Police reports

Steubenville police

Break time: A man backed into a pole behind a gas station on South Third Street after he reportedly passed out behind the wheel, Friday. Officers said the car was still in gear when they arrived on scene, and bumped the push bar on the front of a cruiser when they shifted the vehicle into park. The movement stirred the driver, who police said was confused but initially told them he was on his lunch hour from work. He eventually admitted to paramedics he’d “smoked a little bit of heroin.” Police said they noticed a piece of burned tin foil with a dark residue by the driver side door, and later located a straw melted on one end that they believed was used as a smoking apparatus.

Crash: Police said a woman denied being under the influence when she crashed her vehicle into a fence in the 600 block of Lovers Lane, Saturday. Another motorists arrived on scene and indicated the woman committed numerous traffic violations and at one point almost hit another car head on because she drove left of center.

Mistaken identity: A woman in the vicinity of Maryland Market fled when police called to her to stop, Friday. When they caught up to her on Ohio Street, she told police she didn’t stop because she thought she had an outstanding warrant.

Help needed: Police called the Jefferson County Animal Shelter for assistance after finding an extremely malnourished dog standing in the middle of Wellesley Avenue Extension, Friday. Police said the dog, which had to be coaxed out of the roadway, was in need of medical attention.

Career path: A man in the 3000 block of Sunset Boulevard told police his young grandson keeps picking the lock to his gun safe because “he thinks it’s funny,” Friday. Police told the man when he gets a new safe, he should choose one with a combination lock.

Problems: A woman in the 1400 block of Wellesley Avenue suspected of overdosing told police she doesn’t do drugs and was just tired from working two jobs, Friday. Police said the woman was conscious but her speech was slurred, and ambulance personnel told them she showed several signs of drug use. They said Narcan was administered and proved effective in “bringing her out of her foggy state.”

Easy riders: Juveniles and parents in the Braybarton Boulevard and Linda Way were warned that quads and dirt bikes are not permitted on city streets, Saturday.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to property owners at 827 Rosswell Ave., outdoor storage complaint; 722 Oakmont Avenue, litter; 431 Henry Ave., weeds.

Arrested: Otis Allen, 43, 637 N. Fifth St., bench warrant, Friday.

Arrested: Travis Young Jr., 26, 5627 County Road 17, Rayland, operating a vehicle under the influence, possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and a bench warrant out of Belmont County, Friday. Young also was cited for driving under suspension.

Arrested: Amy Jo Haines, 28, 301 North Seventh St., a warrant out of District II court and another out of Columbiana County, Friday.

Arrested: Johnny Duane Lyons, 33, Ashland, KY, fugitive from another state, Friday.

Arrested: Jamie Louk, 39, 343 Skyview Dr., Wintersville, operating a vehicle under the influence, possession of drugs (felony), possession of drugs (misdemeanor) and tempering with evidence, Saturday.

Arrested: Michael Wright, 25, Centerville, Va., possession of drugs (felony), Friday.

Arrested: Janet Baldwin, 55, 105 Jenny Lane, Weirton, possession of drugs and falsification, Sunday.

Cited: Ivan J. Carrick, 18, 306 Petrick Ave., Mingo Junction, operating a motor vehicle on a temporary permit; Samantha Cremeans, 25, 832 South St., dog at large.

Jefferson County sheriff

Found: Deputies said a 3-year-old who’d been reported missing was located before they arrived at her Irondale home, Saturday. The child’s parents told deputies they’d feared the child wandered away while playing, but found her in their guest bedroom, napping.


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