Police reports

Steubenville police

Dispute: A woman with a bruised arm said she wanted to leave her residence for the night but her boyfriend wouldn’t let her, Sunday. The man said she’d pushed him so he pushed her back, but said he doesn’t know how she got the bruise. The woman didn’t want to pursue charges.

Pipe taken: A woman told police someone removed a water pipe in a building in the 200 block of North Seventh Street, Sunday. The woman said she hadn’t checked on the residence in several months.

Dumpster divers: A caller reported seeing two men carrying a purse in the vicinity of Wilshire and Hollywood Boulevard, Sunday. The men told police they’d found the purse, which was empty, in a dumpster on Wilshire. Police told them they need to stop taking items out of dumpsters.

Dispute: A woman said a female wielding a broken bottle was trying to stab her, Saturday. The woman who was supposed to have the bottle was empty handed when police located her, and told them the caller had stolen some of her property and wouldn’t return it. Police said they did see a broken bottle in the street.

Family fighting: A man jumped out a window and landed on the roof of a car parked in the driveway following a family fight, Sunday. Family members said the man and his sister had brawled after she’d gone into his room to tell him they were going to be removing items from the home that had belonged to a recently deceased family member. Hearing the commotion, other family members came upstairs to try and calm the situation but ended up fighting with him as well. Police said the car was heavily damaged by the impact.

Risky business: A city landlord told police she’s been trying unsuccessfully to evict a problem tenant since discovering the residence was in “deplorable” condition, Sunday. Another of her tenants told police he’d heard the man in that apartment using vulgar language and threatening to kill the woman, at one point saying he was going to keep a knife in his pocket and when “she” returns was going to kill her.

Near miss: A Sixth Street resident who broke up with her boyfriend of several years said he told her she’d “better stay out of his way or she’d end up like her phone,” Monday. The woman said she’d gone to his mother’s house to drop off a car she’d loaned her and he gave her a ride home, but once they were in the parking lot he tossed her purse and phone out the window, then proceeded to back up before she was clear of the vehicle. The cell phone was smashed, she said.

Fisticuffs: A caller reported juveniles fighting at the marina, but they were gone by the time police arrived on scene, Monday.

Theft: A vape pen and a bag of childrens’ clothes were taken from a car parked in the garage at Trinity Medical Center East, Monday.

Reported: A caller reported hearing shots fired just south of Gaylord Towers, Monday. Police surveyed the neighborhood but were unable to find signs of anything amiss.


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