Police reports

Steubenville police

Little late: A woman in the 1400 block of Maryland Avenue said a package she’d ordered that had been stolen from her porch before Christmas was returned Sunday by a “crack head.” The woman told police she was told the package, which contained baby toys, was in an abandoned house two doors down from her. When she went to the structure she found her missing package, but someone had left an uncapped hypodermic needle in the box. Police took the needle and disposed of it properly.

Recovered: A bike that was stolen in November was located by the owner, chained to a tree in a parking lot in the 100 block of North Fourth Street. The owner contacted police and had a photo of the bike, including its distinctive markings and tires, so they cut the chain and returned it to the owner.

Confused: A customer at a Seventh Street business threatened to “tear the store up” Saturday because the cashier couldn’t put money back on his debit card. The customer had attempted a purchase several days earlier but it was declined, so he returned three days later to demand the money that the bank was holding after the failed transaction. Police advised him to go to his bank so they could explain the process to him and told him he was banned from the store.

Use the door: A woman in the 700 block of Market Street said a male she knew climbed through a window Saturday and punched another man who was in her apartment. The man said he’d lost his key and needed to get some of his things from the apartment, and when he came in the other man was hiding in a closet and sprung out, taking a swing at him. He said he defended himself. The building manager advised police the man was still on the lease and the guy who’d been in the closet had to leave because he was banned from the property. Both were advised they’d have to talk to the prosecutor if they wanted to pursue charges.

What are friends for: A man who dropped his wallet at a downtown gas station returned for it Saturday only to find out it had already been claimed. He was able to look at footage from the store’s surveillance cameras and recognized one of his friends as the imposter, but the man wasn’t answering his calls. He said his wallet had about $41 in it and told police he’ll pursue charges.

That’s gratitude: A Sunset Boulevard resident told police Saturday he helped a neighbor set up his unemployment COVID relief with the understanding he’d be paid for his services when the money came in, but the neighbor stiffed him. He said they argued and the other man punched him in the jaw, so he went and got a friend to scare the neighbor into paying him but when he opened the garage door the neighbor had a .20-gauge shotgun pointed at them so they ran. The neighbor said there was no altercation and he didn’t punch anyone. He said he was afraid of what could happen so when he opened the garage door, he had the shotgun pointed in the air. None of the parties wanted to file charges.

Wrong number: A Fifth Street resident told police Saturday a family member had been assaulted in a vehicle in Martins Ferry. Police advised the family member who was attacked to contact Martins Ferry police. The resident was fearful the attacker was going to break into his home so police said they’d make extra patrols in the neighborhood.

Broken: A glass panel next to the entrance to 189 North Fourth St. was broken Saturday. The storefront houses Jefferson County Democratic headquarters. Police said entry was not made.

Friendly: A Linduff Avenue resident said a hit-skip driver from West Virginia clipped her vehicle Friday at the intersection of Sunset and Hollywood boulevards and waved as she drove away.

Pilfered: The owners of a vehicle parked in the 2900 block of Whitehaven Boulevard told police it was ransacked Friday and nothing appeared to be missing, later reporting the thief had left a cell phone in the vehicle and had tried to cut the catalytic converter off it.


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