Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

JD Homes MTG LLC to Evan Hopkins, lot 56, Dixon Heights

Robert Benner (deceased) to Cheryl Benner, metes, Salem Township

Albert Plotts (deceased) to Donna Plotts, lot 7, Beverly Hills

Lorraine Golec to Anthony Thorne, lot 20, John Risher’s

Housing and Urban Development to Christopher Donant, lot 83, Hollywood

Auditor of Jefferson County to Joshua Pyles, 4,535.2 square feet, Steubenville Township

Auditor of Jefferson County to Joshua Pyles, metes, Warren Township

Auditor of Jefferson County to Joshua Pyles, .13 acre, Warren Township

Auditor of Jefferson County to Joshua Pyles, lot 32, Carr’s

Auditor of Jefferson County to Joshua Pyles, lots 60-63, Vukelic

Jason and Diamond Sayers to Jeremy Wallace, 2.396 acres, Island Creek Township

Valentino Jackson (deceased) to Deborah Jackson, lot 376, Wright’s

Aaron and Gabrielle King to Margret O’Tool, part lot 4, Mary Hill’s (survivorship)

Virginia McCourt to Robert McCourt, metes, Ross Township

Marjorie Allan (deceased) to George Allan, unit 4337, Steeple Chase

Mary Gribbin (deceased) to Charles Gribbin, .269 acre, Island Creek Township

William Goettge (deceased) to Betty Goettge, .534 acre, Island Creek Township

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Equity and Help Inc. Trustee, .2397 acre, Mount Pleasant Township

Robert Novgood (deceased) to Justin Novgood and others, 13.5 acres, Springfield Township

Robert Mercer (deceased) to Gail Mercer and Sharon Pine, metes, Salem Township

Esther Mercer (deceased) to Gail Mercer and Sharon Pine, metes, Salem Township

Helen Potts (deceased) to Emma Wade, metes, Salem Township

Linda Carmichael (deceased) to Martin Carmichael, metes, Salem Township

Johanna Miller (deceased) to Hans Miller Jr., lot 1, Lake Park

Ruth Hooper (deceased) to Carol Householder and others, 178.5 acres, Ross Township

Ottie Casto (deceased) to Lonna Casto, part lot 49, Lake Park

Kristell Fletcher and Jordan Gray to Magnate Holdings LLC, lot 512, LaBelleView

Ronald Davis to Carol Davis, 80 acres, Salem Township

Carol Davis and others to Heath Starr and Tammy Starr, 80 acres, Salem Township

Cynthia and Timothy Smearman to Paula Nicholson, lot 114, RiverView Terrace

Todd Greene (deceased) to Joni Green, metes in Wells, Steubenville, Knox, Warren, Wells-Warren, Island Creek, Mount Pleasant, Smithfield, Wayne, Ross, and Springfield Townships, 1 acre in Cross Creek Township and lots in Olszeski’s, M.W. Simpson’s and Homewood Park

Robert Viola (deceased) to Shanna Viola, part lots 75 and 76, Medilla

David Lalich to James West, lot 13, M.A, Snith’s

Jeremy and Margaret Taylor to Jason Stewart and Farrah Halstead, lots 77 and 78, Becker Highlands

Harry Stonebreaker (deceased) to Carol Stonebreaker, .9245 acre, Springfield Township

Harry Stonebreaker (deceased) to Carol Stonebreaker, 1.024 acres, Springfield Township

Robert Gildow to 2700 Sunset LLC, 6,512 square feet, Cross Creek Township

Nancy Pudder to Billie Rawson, lots 1-3, Banfield

Josephine Quattrone to Julie Battistel, lot 211, Dixon Heights

Pinkerton Rentals to Joshua Hickle, .0562 acre, Steubenville Township

Epule and Latasha Ajebe to Keith Petteway, lots 88 and 89, Beverly Hills

David Drakos to Alfredo and Susan Gonzalez, 1.038 acres, Cross Creek Township

Melissa Watts to Timothy and Tammy Spicer, .101 acre, Knox Township

Ronald Waggoner to Summer Pulice, tract 16, Lake Park

Donald Fraley to Janet Fraley, metes, Saline Township

Timothy and Cynthia Rohal and others to James and Tina Trifonoff Sr., lot 14, Stillwells

John Ramsey Irrevocable Trust to David Ramsey, .427 acre, Ross Township

John Ramsey Irrevocable Trust to James Ramsey, metes, Ross Township

Joseph Blackburn (deceased) to Donna Blackburn, lot 38, Carnegie Court

Joyce Abdalla to Eric Abdalla, 3.4 acres, Salem Township

Clifford Robinson Sr. (deceased) to Virginia Robinson, lot 20 and part lot 21, Askowitz

Virginia Robinson to Clifford Robinson Jr., lot 20 and part lot 21, Askowitz

William Morris (deceased) to Charlotte Monogioudis, .23 acre, Smithfield Township

Harry Shirley (deceased) to Sandra Shirley, .23 acre, Smithfield Township

Lawrence Morris (deceased) to Linda Morris, .23 acre, Smithfield Township

Jeffco Resources Inc to Mingo Sportsmans Club Inc, metes, Wells-Warren Township, 168.317 acres, Cross Creek Township

Lawrence Corvi Jr. and others to Stevens Family Trust, part lot 180 and lot 181, Medill Heirs

Pearl Sole to Jeffrey Thomas and Sherry Thomas, 14.351 acres, Warren Township

Tammy Young to William Renforth, .0823 acre, Wells-Warren Township, 1.2297 acres, Cross Creek Township

Johnny and Barbara Yoder to Michael Nezbeth and Tracy McGuire, metes, Brush Creek Township (survivorship)

Jean Petras to Cindi Moore, lot 191, French’s, .529 acre, Mount Pleasant Township

Linda Rupert and Albert Chappano to Randell Thomas, lot 56, McKee’s


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