Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Joseph and Dawn Crowe to John and Kimberly Petrisko, 1.5067 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Judith Phillips (deceased) to Stevie Phillips, lots 31 and 33, Original East Springfield.

Scott and Tatiana McDaniel to Frank and Karen Balvin, part lot 29, Watson and Thomasson (survivorship).

Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority to 431 Maxwell Avenue Land Trust, part lot 11, Pleasant Heights.

Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority to Lisbeth Masache, part lot 119, LaBelleview.

Tina Graham to city of Steubenville, part lot 31, Ross.

Ernestt Jamin III to Gabrielle Lishick, lot 46, McLaughlin’s.

Carrie Rownd and Douglas Schane to Jared Wilson, 31.052 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Joseph Riter to John Tirpak, lot 26, Kitheart and Cole’s.

Wilma Srock to Gary Srock, .456 acre, Knox Township.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Andrew Koksal, 22.041 acres, Salem Township.

John Watts to Melissa Watts, .101 acre, Knox Township.

John Pyciak to James Riggle and Patricia Shaw, .253 acre, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Zackery Grant to Alexander Franklin, part lot 56, Original Brilliant.

Gregory Cybulski to Paula Behrmann, part lots 32 and 33, Green Acres.

Beth and Todd Trimmer to Elizabeth McGill, 1.149 acres, Knox Township.

Lee Tilton to Morgan Gantz and others, .56 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Beverly Swick to Mark and Tiffany Kelly, lot 186, Walton Acres.

D.B. Legacy Rentals LLC to ALP Industries LLC, lots 2 and 3, McFerren’s.

Scott and Leah Prezkop to Terri and Bryce Throckmorton, lot 21, Eastview

McCrea Family Revocable Trust to Sara Coss, part lot 14, Co-Operative Transit.

Teaff Family Trust to Anthony Petrella, lot 281, Buena Vista Heights.

Mark and Carlie Moss Jr. to Brien Hatch II, 7.5201 acres, Knox Township.

Paul Sherwood to Timothy and Charlene Starr, 0.739 acre, Knox Township (survivorship),

Alfred and Katherine DeMaria Jr. to David and Elizabeth Jackman, lot 22, Dixon Heights

Darla Bennet and others to Terry Pethel Jr., 6.681 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Adam and Kirsten Sutherin to Mary Skaggs and Melissa Skaggs, metes, Island Creek Township, lot 28, Hillsingers.

Karen Hanzel and others to Brett and Teresa Palmquist, lot 229, Becker Highlands.

Robert and Mary Phillipson to Bruce and Jodi Ferguson, 1.1305 acres, Wayne Township (survivorship).

KRO Buidlers LLC to Edward Stock, lot 23, Geo J. Yurjevic’s.

Yvonne O’Brien (deceased) to James O’Brien, metes, Island Creek Township.

Regina Falasca (deceased) to Wendy Henry, lot 23, Wallace Heights.

Edward Abdalla to REBA LLC, .1912 acre, Knox Township.

Edward Abdalla and REBA LLC to REBA LLC, .0574 acre, Knox Township.

Edward Abdalla to Rose Abdalla, .0491 acre, Knox Township.

Edward Abdalla to Rose Abdalla, .0374 acre, Knox Township.

Charles and Diane Garner to Benjamin Warner, 2.957 acres, Salem Township.

Ruggieri Family Trust to Dan Dong and Bing Dong, lot 23, Dixon Heights.

Joshua and Rebecca Carroll to Cindy Brown, lot 65, Medilla.

Barbara Capon to John Scardina III, lot 24, Sunny Acres, 3,700 square feet, Cross Creek Township.

David Voght to Joshua Kellar, metes, Salem Township.

MLS Farm LLC to Joshua Gilliam and Heather Gilliam, 45.606 acres, Saline Township.

Ian and Sarah Parissi to Jeffrey Caniff, lot 323, Buena Vista Heights.

Delores Hazelip (deceased) to Alice Deemer Family Trust, 2.395 acres, Knox Township.

Mularcik Enterprises LLC to Douglas Rawson and Melissa Johnson, .119 acre, Wells Township.

Elwood Lazear to Teresa Llewellyn, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.

Laura Greathouse to Glenn Riley, .37 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Richmond Mill Inc. to Richmond United Methodist Church, lots 45-47, Original Richmond.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Dennis Hickle and Cathleen Hickle, .416 acre, Island Creek Township.

Donald and Selina Phillips to Jerome and Janine Franey, 16.398 acres, Salem Township.


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