Police reports

Steubenville police

Booked: Thomas J. Hamilton-Smith, 42, was charged with weapons under disability and possession of drug paraphernalia after a disturbance in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, Thursday. The female homeowner alleges her brother had heard them fighting and came to the door, and when Hamilton-Smith saw it open he picked up a rifle. Fearing he would shoot her brother, she told police she ran over to slam the door shut when the gun discharged in her direction. Police said Hamilton-Smith, released just a week ago from a correctional facility in London, OH, is a convicted felon with weapons violations and “is not to be around, possess, or use firearms,” police noted. They also allege he had two crack pipes tucked in a cigarette pack in his pocket. They said Hamilton-Smith had blood on his lip, which was slightly swollen, and the woman’s lips were also swollen.

Wake up call: A man who said he had no idea how he had gotten there was found unresponsive in the 1200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, laying partially in the roadway and partially under a parked pickup truck, Friday. He woke up and immediately stood up when the officer pulled him out from under the truck, though they said he was initially disoriented and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He said he’d been out drinking with his girlfriend, a friend and the friend’s girlfriend. He told police at the start of the night he’d had a bag of clothes, $200 in cash and a cell phone with him, all of which were now missing.

Fraud: Someone used the account numbers on a Steubenville woman’s debit card to purchase two Target gift cards for $100 and $500. She told police her card has never left her possession.

Dognapped: A woman told police her ex was collecting his belongings and drove off with her pit bull, telling her if she touched his car he was going to “knock her head off,” Thursday.

Explanation offered: A caller had reported seeing a man slumped against his steering wheel, but when they located him, the man told them he’d leaned against the wheel while he texted someone. He refused medical attention

Booked: Brenden Skinner, 46, 447 Spring Ave., Steubenville, OVI refusal, Friday; Miranda Bush, 39, 142 N. Sixth St., Steubenville, failure to appear, possessing drugs, Wednesday; Elizabeth Ryniawec, 29, 905 N. 8th St., Steubenville, possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of hypodermics, Wednesday; James R. Threet, 37, 812 N. 8th St., Steubenville, theft and assault, Wednesday.

Booked: Andrew Lesko, 50, 730 N. Seventh St., Steubenville, was served with a warrant for failure to appear after he and another man were found trespassing in an abandoned property at Adams and Butte Street. Lesko failed to appear for his hearing Friday, the fifth time he’s not appeared.

Fed up: A caller reported seeing several people riding dirt bikes in vicinity of the 400 block of South Sixth Street, but the riders were gone when police arrived on scene, Thursday.

All in: A man too drunk to walk all the way home told police he’d stopped at a Sunset Boulevard laundromat because he was tired, Thursday. Police said the man was highly intoxicated and gave him a ride to his Reynold’s Avenue residence.

Jefferson County sheriff

Trouble: A Dillonvale woman said she got in an argument with her boyfriend after she caught him smoking crack and cheating on her, Wednesday. She said he began breaking things, so she locked herself in the bedroom, but he kicked the door in. She told deputies he took her phone and debit card, and when she went to the bank the next day to cancel it found out he’d already blocked her from the account. Deputies said she told them he’s pretending to be her and talking to married men online, has posted explicit pictures of her on an alternative dating site, and used her account to put a tracker on her phone.

Asked to leave: A man under house arrest at a residence on township Road 245, Toronto, insisted deputies had to come to the residence because his girlfriend was high on drugs and destroying the place, Thursday. When they arrived at the residence, they learned he’d been told to leave because his girlfriend had broken up with him. She and her mother said he’d made the story up. He was gone before deputies arrived at the residence.

Stopped: Officers who stopped a vehicle headed west on U.S. Route 22 without a visible plate seized drug paraphernalia after detecting an odor of marijuana in the vehicle, Thursday. The driver told deputies he had about three grams of marijuana and a marijuana pipe in his pocket, but they also found a grinder and another pipe in the vehicle. The information was forwarded to the prosecutor for review.

Suspected: The sister of a man currently incarcerated on a domestic violence charges told deputies she thinks his former girlfriend stole his debit card and $161 from his account, Wednesday. She said the owner of the property where they’d lived saw her with another man removing his possessions from the shared residence, including the debit card. She believes the duo gained entry to the residence by kicking in the front door.

Scammed: A Bloomingdale man told deputies he met a woman on an online dating site who claimed to be inheriting $2.4 million but needed his help, Thursday.

He said the woman told him she’s from Buffalo, N.Y., but was in the process of moving into her aunt’s home in Smithfield township. He said on several occasions she’d texted him that a man she claimed was a lawyer would transfer money to him that he should then relay to a third party. The man had no contact information for any of them and told deputies he’s out $4,800.

Big hit: An anonymous caller reported a woman crashed her car into a building in the vicinity of state Route 151 and Commercial Avenue, Mingo Junction, Thursday. Deputies said the driver told them her engine stalled and she couldn’t steer or stop her car, which crashed into the side of the old Yamaha motorcycle shop. Both were heavily damaged, they said.

Cited: Andrew Thompson, 33, 442 Thompson Hill Road, Colliers, speeding; Victoria C. Erickson, 20, 1228 N. 4th St., Toronto, speeding; Eugene Charles Williams Jr., 34, 805 Longford Drive, Steubenville, speeding.

Booked: Harley D. Crawford, 23, 182 2nd St., Dillonvale, importuning, Thursday; Eric Holle, 52, of Canton, Ga., warrant for criminal trespass, Thursday; Michael Allen Mills, 38, 1957 state Route 43, B-7, Richmond, failure to appear and DUS, Thursday.


Charged: Jordan D. Stebbins, 32, 517 North Third St., domestic violence, Wednesday.

Cited: Myron D. Gibson, 38, Mingo Junction, fictitious registration and driving while suspended; Guy P. Blancato, 26, Apartment 47, 901 Bank St., failure to control; Reginald Boffman, 61, 258 Tenth St., Steubenville, driving while suspended, improper start from parked position and leaving the scene of an accident; Thea Balzano, 30, 907 Main St., open container; George M. Thomas, 29, 2130 Weir Ave., Weirton, permitting an unlicensed driver to drive; Kenneth W. Miller Jr., 37, 501 Spring St., public intoxication and disorderly conduct; Melissa M. Myler, 22, 78 township Road 245, leaving the scene of an accident; and Terry L. Elson, 63, 78 township Road 245, permitting an unlicensed driver to drive.

Cited for driving under suspension were Donald C. Kumpf, 38, Burgettstown; Mikeala A. Rood, 19, Toronto; Nicholas C. Myers, 23, 907 Main St.; Eleanor Y. Archie, 55, Apartment D1, 1309 Franklin St.; John M. Mowry, 31, 2415 Cleveland Ave., Steubenville; and Devin Brandon, 24, 78 township Road 245.

Wintersville police

Cited: Aaron Hickle, 41, 347 Patton Ave., driving while suspended; Pierce Pietro, 18, 289 Skyview Drive, red light violation; and Lee J. DeCesare,48, 112 Marshall Road, dogs at large.

Cited for speeding: Marsha A. Gibson, 54, Akron; Thomas Beaver, 36, 353 Patton Ave.; James E. Rudder III, 36, 10560 state Route 152, Toronto; Chad Fuller, 29, 334 Harmony Drive; Robert A. Ferron, 62, 109 Elm St.; Kaylee N. Moran, 21, 6875 county Road 58, Bergholz; Karnell R. Tusa, 55, 425 North Fifth St.; Donald B. Morrow, 20, Unit 6, 28 Pioneer Drive; David N. Antonelli, 60, 189 Stardust Drive; Theresa M. Rumps, 20, Evansville, Ind.; Matthew D. Rairigh, 19, Butler, Pa.; and Christopher A. Crowder, 36, 148 Parkview Drive.

Mingo Junction police

Booked: Makayla D. Crawford, 21, 123 Garfield Ave., Mingo Junction, charged with domestic violence, Wednesday; Terri L. Crawford, 23, 121 Holly Ave., Mingo Junction, charged with domestic violence, Wednesday; Raymond F. Tyson, 30, 206 Kirtdoll Way, Mingo Junction, charged with aggravated menacing and violate protection order and consent agreement, Wednesday; Therese Elder, 47, Hallock Ave., Mingo Junction, charged with menacing and disorderly conduct, Thursday.


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