Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Carol Davis and others to Michael Saxton, 80.5 acres, Salem Township.

Sean and Jean Creegan to Kyle and Nancie Creegan, lots 17 and 18, Keagler Estates.

Michael and Susan Mehalik and others to Thomas and Janice Gardner Sr., Unit 4332, Steeple Chase (survivorship).

Thomas Kaczmarek (deceased) to Emily Kaczmarek, 1 acre, Cross Creek Township.

David and Kim Spell to Jacob Spell, .629 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Donald and Janet Brown to Porsha Banks, lot 5, William Seaton’s.

Prasad and Elizabeth Siripurapu to Jennifer Ryals, lots 27-31, Country Club Village.

Robert and Kathleen Watts to Steven and Vanessa Edwards, lot 62, Hollywood Butte’s.

James Kinemond Jr. to Tri-State Real Estate LLC, lot 163, Overlook Hills.

Patrick and Deborah DiAngelo to Truth Baptist Church, metes, Steubenville Township.

Garland and Jaqueline Grim to Perry and Jessica Grim, lot 68, Kelly and Hess Addition (survivorship).

Dorothy Montgomery to Ryan and Ashley Gorby, lot 17, Crest View Manor (survivorship).

Carole Brownfield (deceased) to Douglas Brownfield, lot 207, Walton Acres.

Carole Brownfield (deceased) to Douglas Brownfield, 2.015 acres, Springfield Township.

Gerald Kafka and Rita Cavanagh to Ascent Utica Minerals LLC, 1.020 acres, Smithfield Township.

Lillian Sweden to Mark Sweden, .202 acre, Smithfield Township.

Paul and Bertha Crane to Curtis Techappat and Cynthia Techappat, .597 acre, Smithfield Township.

David Beresford (deceased) to Donna Beresford, lot 44, Dana Lynn.

Joseph and Janis Christie to Carol and Robert Fry, 1.943 acres, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Justine Van Der Pool and Raoul Van Der Pool to Nico and Hannah Treglia, lot 133, Sunset Gardens (survivorship).

Russell and Sandra Grimm to JD Asset Management LLC, lot 283, Manhattan.

Matrix Development Group LLC to Mark Nelson Holdings LLC, part lots 215 and 216, city of Steubenville.

Tom and Kathy Rabideau to James Sullivan, lot 278, Mahattan.

Pamela Linn (deceased) to Kristy Matthews, 1.298 acres, Salem Township.

Deborah Jackson to Brawson and Kimberly Hython, metes, Steubenville Township, part lot 8, HB Mears.

Dorothy Smith to Ralph and Polly Basham, 1.1 acres, Island Creek Township.


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