Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Phil and Mary Flenniken to Elizabeth Phillips, lot 4, William A Seaton’s.

City of Steubenville to Jefferson County Port Authority, lots 23 and 24, Salmon and Mooney’s.

Jefferson County Port Authority to Habitat for Humanity East Central Ohio, lot 23 and 24, Salmon and Mooney’s.

Nancy and Gene Murray to Jennifer Boughner, lots 37 and 38, Medilla Subdivision.

Kathleen Dilenardo (deceased) to Thomas Dilenardo, lot 22, Beverly Hills.

John Krupinski to Bryan and Marla Morland, lots 8 and 9, Walker’s (survivorship).

Ronald Pizzoferrato (deceased) to Michael Pizzoferrato, metes, Steubenville Township.

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp to Robert Murphy and Angel Murphy, lot 47, Simmons and Foster’s (survivorship).

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp to Robert Owen, part lots 21 and 22, Robertson’s.

Deborah and Corey Starosciak to Coree Cox, lot 194 and part lot 196, Israel French’s.

Christopher and Tiffany Rendell to Endurance Capital Management LLC, metes, Smithfield Township.

Jefferson County Sheriff and others to Jason Phillips and Michelle Phillips, part lot 37, East Springfield.

Kristine and Michael Freshwater to Michael and Vanessa Maurer, lot 7, Woodland Park Estates (survivorship).

Joseph and Dawn Crowe to James Rice Sr., 1.478 acres, Salem Township.

Mark and Dionne Wise to Jeanette Evans, lots 120-122, Longvue, 2 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Lynn and James Grant Revocable Trust to Jonathan Harton, lots 19 and 20, Hineman and Cummins, .018 acre, Steubenville Township

Lynn and James Grant Revocable Trust to Santana Smith, lot 19 and part lot 18, Salmon and Mooney’s.

Joseph and Dawn Crowe to Jody Sheets, metes, Salem Township.

Jefferson County Sheriff and others to Jennetta Maldonado, lot 75, East Springfield.

John and Becky Tumis to Tina Maple and Robert Challis II, .165 acre, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Clarence and Elizabeth Harris to Myron Redman, lot 56, Smithfield.

John and Georgia Cronin to Patricia Williamson and Ronald Williamson, 8.004 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Ada and John Hurl to Linda Kline, .238 acre, Smithfield Township.

Shari Watkins and David Watkins II to Brendan Way, lot 28, BF Murphy’s.

Edward and Letitia Balthazor to Zachary Balthazor and Cassandra Vergitz, .607 acre, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Colin and Kara McCoy to Hannah Johns, .986 acre, Springfield Township.

Colabelli Family Irrevocable Trust to Andrew and Mackenzie Westfall, part lot 64, Brilliant (survivorship).

Christopher and Gloria Jeyaratnam to Geroge Irvin Jr. and Moriah Faint, lot 98, Buena Vista Heights (survivorship).


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