Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Argument: A Bloomingdale man told deputies his wife started smashing plates and anything else she could get her hands on during an argument, Wednesday. He didn’t want to pursue charges, but he said it gets expensive because the items she breaks are “very pricey.” He said she got mad because he didn’t come home the night before and wouldn’t answer texts. His wife said he has a gambling problem and will come home and start an argument to try and get her kicked out of the house. She said she was upset and threw plates, but none were aimed at him. Deputies told her husband that even though they were expensive, it wasn’t against the law for her to smash her own property.

Suspicious: A Knox township resident said someone broke into his home and took several firearms that had been stored in several different locations, Wednesday. He told deputies he saw an individual in a strange vehicle acting suspiciously as he left for work.

Stolen: The owner of a U-Haul stolen from state Route 213 located it at a residence on county Road 22A, Wednesday. He said an individual had tried to rent it online but the transaction was denied due to falsified information but said the man came back later and took the van. The woman where it was recovered said he was a friend of hers and had said he would rent her a truck for her move from Cleveland. She agreed to pay the difference, and the business owner said he wasn’t interested in pursuing charges.

Steubenville police

Awkward: A vehicle parked in the 700 block of Granard Parkway was struck by a hit and run driver, Wednesday. The driver’s side door and front fender were damaged. With debris recovered at the scene police were able to identify the hit-skip vehicle as a Toyota Camry and, with help from the owner of the damaged vehicle, traced it to a neighbor, who confirmed it was their car but said someone else had been driving it. The entire passenger side of their car was damaged.

Neighbors: A Lawson Avenue resident complained that his neighbor was playing his radio too loudly, but when police arrived, they said they couldn’t hear music or anything else coming from the residence, Wednesday. When police spoke with the neighboring homeowner, he told them there’ve been ongoing issues between them.

Returned: A female prisoner who walked away from Trinity West earlier in the week despite being on a police hold returned because of a medical issue, Wednesday. The hold, which had been requested by Toronto police, was lifted, and the woman was advised to follow up with Steubenville Municipal Court as well as Toronto police when she is released.

Discovery: A Lawson Avenue resident told police she thinks someone tried to get in her home over the weekend. The resident was doing yard work when she discovered two screwdrivers next to her living room window, screws missing from one side of the window and the outside part of the window to be open. An officer surveying the scene also spotted a large hand print on the inside of the window and screws missing from the frame on the outside portion of the window.

Problems: The manager of a Sunset Boulevard fast food restaurant said she’s had enough of juveniles coming in nearly every day, causing problems, Tuesday. The manager told police the kids fight, kick and punch over chairs, ransack her eating area and deliberately make a mess, as well as stand on tables. She wants them trespassed from location.

Argument: An Opal Boulevard resident who’d been arguing with his girlfriend wanted to leave the residence but couldn’t because she wouldn’t give him his keys, Tuesday. When police arrived, she told them she’d thrown them in the backyard.

Lost: A vehicle in the 700 block of Woodlawn Road was stolen overnight, Wednesday.

Found: A 2020 Chevy Spark reported stolen earlier in the week was recovered, Wednesday. Officers located the vehicle in the 1400 block of Arlington Avenue.

Cited: Elizabeth Ely, 37, no fixed address, and Rynea L. Williams, 54, 3423 Elm St., Weirton, criminal trespass. The two were caught inside a building in the 1500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue that was supposed to be vacant.

Cited: Vickie L. Mitchell, 67, 117 Gladys Ave., Mingo Junction, failure to control following a two-car accident Wednesday in the 1500 block of Sunset Boulevard; Kristian Ryan Maxwell, 28823 Rosswell Ave., Steubenville, no operator’s license and expired plates; A semi parked on Foster Place at Kendall Avenue was ticketed for prohibited truck parking; a vehicle parked at Columbia and Oxford was cited for criss-cross parking.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to the owners of properties at 215 Wilma Ave., 449 Westwood Drive, and 2121 Paddy Mudd Road, high grass, Wednesday.

Disagreement: An Oregon Avenue resident threw her boyfriend’s clothes on the porch after the two argued, then tried to tell police he hadn’t established residency there, Tuesday. She claimed they’d had a physical altercation the day before and she wanted to pursue charges against him, but police said they did not observe any injuries. The man told police he would gather his things and leave for the night to avoid further problems.

Hit-skip: A vehicle parked in the 300 block of Hill Avenue (rear) was struck by a hit-skip vehicle, Tuesday.

Damaged: The front fender and passenger door on a vehicle parked in the 600 block of Arden were damaged, Tuesday.

Booked: Samantha Strachan, 31, 2612 Sunset Blvd., Apt. 3, Steubenville, possession of a drug abuse instrument, Tuesday. She also was cited for possession of drugs. An officer investigating reports of a woman slumped over the wheel of a car outside a Sunset Boulevard business said Strachan told him she was looking for her gas card, and when he spotted an uncapped needle in the driver door claimed multiple people had been around the vehicle earlier in the day. Police allegedly found several alprazolam pills in Strachan’s possession for which they said she had no prescription.

Stay away: An Ohio Street resident told police a man known to him came into his house and poured lighter fluid on his floor, Sunday. Police said they saw something wet on the floor but couldn’t identify what it was.

Damages: A North Sixth Street resident told police her ex-boyfriend damaged her cars, Sunday. She told police she saw the man throw rocks at her cars and kick the rear bumper of one of them before running away and said she would like to pursue charges.

Booked: David P. Straka, 34, 713 Trenton St., Toronto, petit theft, Sunday. Walmart employees allege Straka removed tags from items in his shopping cart “and acted as if he was scanning the items while he was using the self-checkout,” police said. The merchandise was valued at more than $200.

Missing: A Lauretta Drive resident lost her iPhone, debit card, work ID, license and insurance card at Hollywood Plaza, Sunday.

Served: Christopher Costlow, 24, 1010 Bantam Ridge Road, Wintersville, FTA bench warrant, Sunday.

Booked: Clara Hawkins, 26 318 South Fourth St., Steubenville, bench warrant (theft), possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, Monday; Joseph Payne, 30, 1045 Main St., Steubenville, failure to appear, Monday.

Ripped: A Pennsylvania Avenue resident told police someone slashed three tires on her vehicle overnight Monday.

Wintersville police

Booked: Robert Louis Winston, 66, 430 Canton Rd., Wintersville, assault, public intoxication, disorderly and menacing, Monday; Christopher Robert Costlow, 24, 1010 Bantam Ridge, Wintersville, failure to appear, OVI and DUS, Monday.

Toronto police

Booked: Brandon DiMichael, 34, 1308 1.2, Toronto, disorderly conduct and intoxication, Friday; Christine Lynn Clifton, 39, 207 South Fourth St., Steubenville, receiving stolen property and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, Saturday; George Thomas, 38, 601 Couty Road 53, Irondale, petit theft, Sunday; Jessica Trigg, 34, 601 County Road 53, Irondale, possession of a controlled substance, Sunday.

Dillonvale police

Booked: John Wagoner, 38, 2526 County Road 7, Dillonvale, failure to appear, Tuesday

Saline township

Booked: Nathaniel Coppa, 40, 1516 Madison Ave., Toronto, failure to comply, Friday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Booked: Lonnie Eugene Thackston,30, Acworth, Ga., domestic violence, operating a vehicle impaired and disorderly conduct, Friday.

Mingo Junction police

Booked: Robert John Gotshall, 35, 120 Saint Clair St., Apt. A, M ingo Junction, warrant, Tuesday; Kimberly Helton, 46, 620 Logan Ave., Mingo Junction, breaking and entering, Sunday.

Wells township

Booked: Cassie Thornton, 41, 900 5th St., Brilliant, endangering children and breaking and entering (pending), Sunday; Lauren Elizabeth Brokaw, 42, 260 Quincy Lane, Tiltonsville, failure to appear, Monday.


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