Police reports

Steubenville police

Disturbance: A woman living in the 900 block of North Sixth Street told police a highly intoxicated man she knows keeps pounding on her front door, Friday. She said he comes to her residence throughout the day, yelling and pounding on the door even though he does not live there. He has been banned from the property, police said.

Bad trip: A male in the 600 block of Broadway Boulevard was going in and out of consciousness and showing other signs of overdosing, Friday. The man told them he’d smoked marijuana and taken an unknown pill marked with the number “30.” He was issued a drug treatment form and transported to the hospital for treatment.

Missing: A Ross Street woman said her book bag and purse containing her “controlled substances” were missing after a visit to a hospital and a taxi ride home, Oct. 9. She was “possibly high” on drugs when she was brought in and when she left was “possibly still high,” police were told, and left her belongings behind. Hospital employees chased after her to return her things, which they said she took and continued walking away on foot. She returned to the hospital days later because she couldn’t find her bag, refusing to leave and causing a disturbance. She told police she has only vague memories” of the taxi ride home and what she might have done with the bag. Police said her story “did not stay consistent and she changed several key pieces of information regarding what happened several times and appeared to be mostly concerned about her subutex.”

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to owners of properties at 121 Welday Ave. and 2618 Cleveland Ave., high grass.

Fraud: A city resident said she’s been advised someone is using her maiden name and social security number to file insurance claims, Friday.

Booked: Justin S. Hazelip, no age listed, 712 Dock St. (rear), Steubenville, failure to appear, Friday.


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