Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Guns, drugs alleged: A caller reported a man passed out, unresponsive in the driver’s seat of a running truck on county Road 7C near the state Route 7 overpass, Friday. After turning the vehicle off, deputies said it “took several times of shouting and shaking” to arouse the driver, identified as Kevin Frazier, 40, 929 May Road, East Liverpool. Once they had him out of the vehicle first responders told police they noticed a magazine laying on the seat next to him, and said while he was walking to the ambulance he reached to the ground near the rear wheel of a four-wheeler and told deputies they believed there was a gun nearby. A Taurus 1911 was located. Frazier admitted handling the gun, though he insisted it wasn’t his. Frazier told deputies the truck ran out of gas and his companion left on a dirt bike to get some but never returned. He also allegedly admitted snorting what he thinks was subutex, deputies said. Frazier was charged with weapons under disability and possession of drug paraphernalia.

There’s the door: A Jefferson County woman said her intoxicated boyfriend had left their home in her car after they got into an argument over him hitting their juvenile son, Saturday. He allegedly had called her eldest son’s father a “piece of (expletive)” and screamed he was going to kill him, then backhanded his own young son after he said something he believed to be disrespectful, she said. Another woman who was present said when she told him he shouldn’t be talking to children that way, he screamed at her and threatened to “kill her and her whole family.”

Tit-for-tat: A Steubenville area resident said when she told her husband she had pawned some of his property, he got mad and broke some of her lamps because he knew they were important to her, Saturday. She said they’d been fighting since an incident at a family member’s house several weeks ago, but other than the broken lamps, nothing physical had occurred. She decided to go to a family member’s house for the night to avoid any other problems.

Phone it in: A Bergholz woman wanted her husband removed from their home because they were arguing, Sunday. She said she caught him messaging another woman on his cell phone the day before and they’d been arguing ever since, but nothing physical had occurred nor had he threatened her. Because they shared the home, deputies told her they couldn’t force anyone to leave. When deputies spoke with her husband, he told them he videos all of their arguments in case his wife tries “to lie about what occurs.” She ended up spending the night with family because he said he had no where to go.

Booked: Troy Lee Pethtel Sr., 57, 1432 Springfield Township 267, Amsterdam, domestic violence and aggravated menacing, Sunday. While arguing about a pending separation, deputies said Pethtel allegedly threatened to take a “splitting maul” to his wife’s car and stated if he had kept his guns at their home he would use them on her and their son.

Creepy: A Jefferson County woman told deputies she’s being stocked by an acquaintance, Saturday. She said she hung out with the man a few times and ever since he’s wanted to be in a relationship, and has told her he tracks her and repeated things she’s told friends in private telephone conversations with them. She said she’s told him to leave her alone but he’s become obsessed and feels he’s stalking her, and even though she never told him where she lives claims he drives past her home every night. She told deputies she fears for her own safety as well as for her family and friends.

Booked: Robert Anthony Deal Sr., 46, 1038 township Road 218, Richmond, domestic violence and menacing, Saturday; Donald Pernick, 33, 338 township Road 112, Rayland, pending charges of domestic violence and endangering children, Friday; Ayla Kellar, 25, Novelty, Ohio, assault, Friday; Devin Michael Fetty, 22, 408 Highland Ave., Yorkville, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, Saturday.

Steubenville police

False alarm: A foul odor was reported coming from an apartment in the 100 block of North Fourth Street, and a caller said the resident hadn’t been seen in several days, Sunday. Firefighters and police made entry into the apartment, which was empty. The odor was emanating from a trash bag left near the front door, they said.

Feeling threatened: Two Oak Grove Avenue residents told police they were in fear of a neighbor who they say has threatened to kill them, Sunday. One of them said the neighbor had come onto her property and told her she was “going to get a gun and shoot her,” and said she believes the woman wants to hurt her and her son, who also lives in the neighborhood. She and her son, who spoke with police separately, were advised to seek protection orders against the woman. The neighbor was advised to stay off their property and cease contact with them.

Out of line: A Clinton Street resident told police someone scratched the word “slut” into her door, Sunday. There were other scratches on the back door.

Hands off: A Maryland Avenue resident told police a neighbor is treating her trash can like it is theirs, Sunday. She said she finds their trash in her can, including mail with the neighbor’s name and address. Code enforcement has been notified.

Gig’s up: A Ross Street resident told police she was alerted to unauthorized use of her paycard when she got a text that “thanked her for her business,” Sunday. Upon checking her balance, she said she found three withdrawals totaling $240 she hadn’t made and is disputing. She said she knows of only one person who would have access to the card.

Charged: Jayjuan A. Q. Wise, 38, 434 Linden Ave., Steubenville, contempt of court, Sunday. Wise allegedly violated a no contact order, but he told police the female involved had invited him to the residence to talk. He said she got a call and then told him she no longer wanted him there.

Fenced: Someone removed a board from a fence in a homeowner’s backyard in the 1400 block of Euclid, Sunday. The resident’s dogs alerted her by barking, “followed by an excessive amount of noise.” She said it sounded “as if someone was beating on the fence in her backyard and when she approached the rear of her residence, she observed her fence to be damaged.” Police said they could tell a board had been removed but they were unable to locate the person responsible.


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