Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Bad situation: Deputies searched for a 10-year-old reportedly left on the side of the road in the Dillonvale area by her father, who was said to be in an “intoxicated, drug-induced state-of-mind,” Saturday. A couple where the two were staying said he got high on an “unknown drug, possibly meth, and wandered off into the night,” deputies said. He called a family member, then told the child to go outside and wait for her but the two of them ended up walking away together. Neither of them could be located and deputies searched parks, alleys, roadways, stores and known drug houses, looking for them. They eventually located the child’s mother, who told them she and her husband had separated but she was letting him care for the child. Belmont County deputies eventually located the child with a family member.

Pleasantries exchanged: An intoxicated ATV rider rode through a creek at Renegade ATV Park in Bloomingdale at high speed two times to clean the mud off his vehicle, and the third time drew the ire of an unknown male who told his friends to “tell that (expletive) to stop that or I will shoot him,” Saturday.

Booked: Eugene Jannie, 52, 256 John Scott Highway, Steubenville, menacing, Friday; Megan D. Behnke, 34, 2880 Eldersville Road, Follansbee, warrant for failure to comply out of Toronto County Court, Saturday; Joseph Jolly, 35, East Liverpool, failure to comply, Saturday.

Steubenville police

Thrown: Police responded to the 300 block of Rosemont Avenue for reports of a woman being thrown out of a car “still in motion at the time,” Sunday. A woman was bleeding profusely from the back of her neck, but police said she’d had a similar injury about a week ago and denied being thrown from a car. A resident said she lets the woman stay in her house sometimes to keep her off of the streets and said earlier in the day the woman had told her a man would be coming by to pick her up and said she knows the man “to pick up younger females from within the city of Steubenville and pay them to perform sexual acts.” She said a short time after the man picked the female up, she saw them arguing and then the man pushed her out of his vehicle.

Three’s a crowd: Callers reported a man with a gun in a vehicle on Prospect Avenue threatening to shoot, Sunday. When they arrived, police said they found one vehicle turned sideways, blocking the road and two other vehicles appeared to have crashed. The report said a man saw his estranged wife in a vehicle with another man and when he confronted them, the other vehicle took off toward the end of Prospect. He said he went to the end of the street to talk to his wife and the other man shot at him, then dropped his estranged wife off and fled. He said he blocked the road so she drove her truck into another vehicle, which in turn hit his vehicle. His wife said she was at the gas station with her son and a man she didn’t know “began buying her son $40 worth of stuff,” and when they got to Prospect Avenue he drove to the end of the street and turned his lights off. When her husband confronted them, she said the man fired one shot into the air, dropped her off and left.

Kicked out: Police found a woman crying in the hallway of a Scioto Drive apartment, Sunday. She told police her boyfriend threw her out and that he kept her purse and its contents. Police gave her a ride to the station, where she was able to call a friend to pick her up. Her boyfriend wouldn’t answer the door.

Checked out: A woman walked into Lowe’s and began stuffing her pockets with items and loaded several flower pots onto a cart, then got irate when she tried to leave and employees asked her to show them a receipt, Sunday. The manager told police the woman said she was going to “come back and shoot the employees” and sat in a nearby parking lot for some time after.

Drugs: A woman was found unresponsive on an outside stairway in the 1300 block of Oak Grove Avenue, Sunday. Firefighters gave her Narcan, which awakened her. When police searched her bags, they found a burned crack pipe with residue and chor. She was issued a drug treatment form.

Prowler: A suspicious man wearing a white tank top with a red hat and sunglasses tried to get through a locked gate in the 900 block of Market Street, Sunday. A resident said when he couldn’t get in the gate, he walked around the top of the yard, peering in. Police said it looked on camera footage as if he wanted to gain access to the back yard.

False alarm: Officers checked Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania streets for a shots-fired call, but found nothing, Sunday. Residents told them it may have been fireworks from Oak Grove Avenue.

Jail report: Booked by city police over the weekend were: Billie Jo Rawson, 38, 908 Wentworth Ave., Toronto, charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and booked into the county jail on the warrant for failure to appear and probation violation; Jennifer R. McCall, 39, no fixed address, Steubenville, warrant for petit theft, Sunday; Brandy West, no age listed, no fixed address, bench warrant, Sunday; Paul R. Dodd, 38, 288 High St., Steubenville, petit theft warrant, falsification, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, Friday. Dodd initially tried to pass himself off as his half brother, police said; Creshawn Tyler, 27, outstanding warrants for criminal trespass and felony charges of complicity to felonious assault with a firearm specification, tampering with evidence, possession of drugs, Friday; Tera Bradley, 43, Warren, falsification and possession of marijuana, Friday; Cody Payne, 29, 1420 Oregon Ave., Steubenville, OVI, Friday. Payne also was cited for speeding; Ja’Martay A. Wise, 25, 1130 Lincoln Ave., Apt. D, Steubenville, receiving stolen property, a handgun stolen out of West Virginia, as well as criminal trespassing, obstructing official business and failure to appear, Friday; Daniel Ortman, 1333 Ridge Ave., possession of drug paraphernalia and bench warrant for failure to appear, Thursday; Patrick J. Allen, 31, 1432 Maryland Ave., Steubenville, failure to appear, Friday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Booked: Steven J. Culp, 41, 630 Lincoln Ave. (rear), Steubenville, bench warrant, Saturday; and Robert Strain, 48, 839 Washington St., Bergholz, failure to appear, Sunday.


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