Police reports

Steubenville Police

Charged: An employee said a man who allegedly took a soda and two prepackaged sandwiches from Family Dollar without paying stopped to pose for a picture after he left the store, Monday. An employee said she followed him out to tell him she was calling police, but he indicated he wasn’t worried because “they aren’t going to do anything about this.” When she pulled her phone out to take a picture of him, she told police he “just brazenly stood there and posed” before leaving the area on foot. Police were able to identify him from the picture, and said when they located him 90 minutes later on an unrelated call discovered he had an outstanding warrant. Damion N. Irizarry, 46, 416 Adams St., No. 6, Steubenville, was charged with petit theft and a probation violation, police said.

Ulterior motives: A Teresa Drive resident told police her roommate was behaving strangely and she was concerned about his mental health, and when they arrived told them she wanted to evict him, Monday. The man told them he was in the process of moving out because the two of them aren’t getting along, so she called. Police said his mental health didn’t seem to be an issue, and they advised him to stay away from the woman, who they said finally admitted “her main issue was that she wanted him out of the residence.”

Weeding out: A Margaret Street resident said her boyfriend bit her thumb, Monday. She also complained of bruising near her armpit, and said it happened earlier in the day but at the time she didn’t want to pursue charges, but said the arguing continued and he threatened to kill her. Her boyfriend said they’d argued because she had people coming to his house to sell her weed and he didn’t like it. He denied threatening to harm her. She left for the night.

Phoned it in: A Lincoln Avenue resident said his son threw a cell phone at him during an argument, Tuesday. He told police the phone hit him in the head, and others present said the son almost knocked another individual down trying to get to his father.

On tape: Walmart employees gave police security recordings depicting two separate shoplifting incidents involving the same man, Monday. Employees identified the thief for police.

Callers reported a man standing on the railroad tracks in the 800 block of North Sixth Street, yelling, Tuesday. He was gone before police got there.

Booked: Brittany M. Baker, 29, 492 Lincoln Blvd., Steubenville, failure to appear, Tuesday.

Helping hands: Police had to talk to a man who was asking Kroger customers for money and to buy him alcohol, Sunday. He was advised that he needed to leave the property.

Street savvy: A Rosswell Avenue resident was upset because a car has been parked in front of her home for two days, Sunday. Police told her it’s a public street and people can park there.

Slicked: A woman told police she was driving down Kingston Avenue and slid into a yard, striking a fence and then a retaining wall, Sunday. Police said the vehicle was stopped about 50 yards from the roadway.

Jefferson County Sheriff

Booked: Michael Eugene Adams, 29, 342 Grandview Ave., Tiltonsville, probation revocation, Monday. Adams also was charged with misdemeanor menacing and disorderly conduct.


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