Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Auditor of Jefferson County to G&M Smith Family LP, metes and metes, Steubenville; part lots 21-24, Original Steubenville; part lots 37-39, Wells & Wells First; lot 3, Orr’s Addition; 625 square feet, Steubenville Township; lot 190, Lincoln Heights; metes and metes, Steubenville Township; part lots 40-41, George Henry Second; 0.15 acre, Steubenville Township; 0.21 acre, Steubenville Township

Stonecrest Investments LLC to Colonial Funding Group LLC, lot 8, Parr’s Second.

Harry and Judith Morrow to John Kovach Jr., 9.604 acres, Salem Township; 1.67 acres, Springfield Township.

Janet Miller to Federal National Mortgage Association, 0.74 acre, Cross Creek Township.

John Romanda to Nicholas and Deena Riley, part lot 7, Eastview (survivorship).

Richard and Jane Humienny to Hai Huynh, part lot 2, Andrews Addition (survivorship).

Lilly Milbert to Elmer and Penny Keiser Sr., 0.538 acre, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Joyce Dunlope (deceased) to Larry Dunlope, lot 6, Forest View.

Ronald and Betty Dye to David Howell, metes, Saline Township.

Martha Barker to Deborah Hukill, 2.236 acres, Wayne Township.

Matthew and Katherine Schmiedicke to Mark and Gretchen Nelson, 0.2043 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Melanie and Joshua Meyer to Lori Glasgow, lot 2, Sam Coffman Subdivision.

Elizabeth Podolski to Brent and Shawna Nemeth, metes, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

Brandy and Todd Arnett to Casey Bittner, lot 2, JP Mills First; and 0.856 acre, Smithfield Township.

Laura Miles to Aaron Channels, 6 acres, Wells-Warren Township; and lot 23, Homewood Park.

Nicola Marsiglia and others to Rhoda Thomson and Amanda Thompson, lot 50, Mount Pleasant (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to First Choice America Federal Credit Union, lot 289, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Katone Sims, part lots 38-40 and 42, Waggoner & McEldowney; lot 20, Poplar Springs Pleasant Heights; and part lot 221 and lot 222, Labelleview.

Mark Harris to Gregg Anderson, lot 8, Banfield Improvement.

Lauren and Gregg Knepley to Kenneth Gilcrest, metes, Island Creek Township.

Margaret and David Welker to Kenneth Gilcrest, metes, Island Creek Township.

D&L Ferguson LLC to D&L Ohio Rentals LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township; and lots 33-35, Original Wintersville.

Richard Lollathin (deceased) to Heidi Lollathin, 0.551 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to J&S Rental Properties, part lots 45, 50, 52, 56, lots 45, 47 and 51, 54-55, Morris First; lot 53, Morris Second.

Douglas and Christine Cunningham to Zachary McGrath and Nicoyia Grimm, metes, Knox Township (survivorship).

553 Lincoln Blvd. Land Trust to Jeffrey Aulet, lot 147, Lincoln Heights.

Rebecca Burton to George Stoddart, 0.009 acre, Steubenville Township.

George and Kristina Ash Jr., to Better Hands Investments LLC, 0.472 acre, Island Creek Township.

Addison Davis to Aaron and Kayla Mosti, lots 12-13, Myers Second (survivorship).

Dawn Zullo to Todd Willison, part lot 3, Sherrard’s Addition.

Yvonne Boughner (deceased) to Patricia Nelms, 2.28 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Terry Noble, part lots 13 and 16 and lot 15, Henry’s First.

John and Brenda Roski Jr. to Brock Bandy, part lot 11, Original Adena.

Greg Graf to Christopher and Megan Krivoniak, lots 16-17, Dixon Heights (survivorship).

Jason and Angelina Jenkins to Stephen Anderson, 0.1489 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Robert Smith (deceased) to Virginia Smith, lots 62-63, Sunset Gardens.

Dino Vallera (deceased) to Patricia Vallera, lot 24, Benjamin Smith Subdivision.

Henry Thompson to James and Joan Faunda, lots 15-16, Whittens & Reynard Third (survivorship).

Margaret McDonald to James McDonald and Jodi Roush, lot 24, William Rogers Second (survivorship).

Donald Neff to Thomas and Lori DiFallo, lot 5, Millvale; and 0.193 acre, Island Creek Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Ken Davis, part lots 290-291, lot 360, lot 611, part lots 299, 300, 303, 301, 317, 349, 359 and 385, Labelleview; lot 12, Anderson and Anderson; lot 15, AJ Martin’s Addition; part lots 11, 15-16, Pleasant Heights; and 0.5165 acre, Steubenville Township.

James and Linda Lampasone to James and Katy Morelli, lots 20-21, Medilla (survivorship).

JROD Properties LLC to Bobbi Liddick, part lot 25, James Myers First.

William and Russett Mallett to William and Amanda Brockway, 2.7509 acres, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Citimortgage Inc., part lot 10, Dorian Heights.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, lot 9, Hollywood.

Donald Carnahan and others to Donald and Elizabeth Carnahan Jr, 45 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Esther Carnahan to Donald and Elizabeth Carnahan Jr., 18.362 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Jesse Matheson Sr. (deceased) to Glenda Matheson, 7.265 acres, Springfield Township.

Andrew Coss to Jeffrey Coss, 0.1788 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Fannie Mae to Christopher and Stephanie Lentz, 2.0009 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Mary Hines (deceased) to Robert Hines, 1 acre, Warren Township; and lot 71, Locust Park.

Clarence and Elizabeth Harris to Erik Takach, part lot 11, Original Smithfield.

Mark Tomisin to Kim Tomisin, lot 16, Wheeling & Lake Erie proposed.

Jared and Ashley Kempton to Lawrence Everson Jr., metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Anthony Olivito Jr. (deceased) to Jon Olivito and others, 1 acre, Knox Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Mariemont Properties Inc. and Manna Investments LLC, 3.36 acres, Steubenville Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Manna Investments LLC, part lots 276-277, Labelleview.

Auditor of Jefferson County to RONBOB Rentals LLC, part lot 9, Labelleview; lot 7, Rivieria Tract Beverly Hills; lot 12, Yurjevics; part lot 38, Beall & Steeles; lot 14, Pleasant Heights; part lot 220, Original Steubenville; part lot 1, John Gray; part lots 29-30, Stokeley Second; lot 4, Pleasant Heights; lot 155, Labelleview; lot 82, Lincoln Heights; lot 183, Lincoln Heights; part lot 6, Pleasant Heights; part lot 89 and lot 431, Labelleview.

Joseph and Marlene Drosak to Joseph Drosak and others, lot 20, Sunset Hills Plan (survivorship).

John Drosak Jr. to John Drosak Jr. and others, lot 20, Sunset Hills Plan (survivorship).

Auditor of Jefferson County to Malcolm Jackson, part lots 481-482, Dickinson; 0.56 acre, Steubenville Township; part lot 6, Andrew Second; part lots 477-478, Dickinson; part lots 483-484, Dickinson; metes, Steubenville Township; lot 16, WC Brown; and part outlot 13, Original Steubenville.

LSC Recreational Land Inc. to Ohio Department of Transportation, 10.655 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Irma Colleen Paoloemilio (deceased) to James Paoloemilio, lot 35, Skyview.

Alicia Joynson to Lisa Waxler, lot 3, Banfield Improvement.

Mary Blankenship to Bryant Bigler and Chad Bigler, part lot 155, Saltsman Seventh (survivorship).

Corey and Margaret Riggle to Shawn and Stacey Williams, lot 48, Forestview (survivorship).

Santo Cadile (deceased) to Rose Cadile, 11,544 square feet, Steubenville Township.

Larry Sivets (deceased) to George and Jaime Carpenter, lots 6-7, Moore’s Addition (survivorship).

Larry Sivets (deceased) to Donald and Mary Lyons, lot 8, Moore’s Addition (survivorship).

Fannie Mae to Harbour Portfolio VIII LP, 7,200 square feet, Springfield Township.

June Ridenour (deceased) to Gary Ridenour, lots 49-50, Forest View.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Huntington National Bank, metes, Knox Township; part lot 2, Findley Addition; and lot 86, Lewis Subdivision.

Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Thomas Costantini to Kimberly Costantini, lot 14, Fernwood Estates No. 2.

Ted and Virginia Thompson to Henry Thompson, 6.751 acres, Smithfield Township.

Ann Bray to Danita Pieniazek and others, lot 9, Stewarts Heirs Third Addition.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Camillo and Maria Pittera, lot 533, Labelleview (survivorship).

Bobbie Eckhardt to Bobbie Eckhardt and Amanda Rossignol, 0.9978 acre, Knox Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to G&M Smith Family LP, lots 23-30, Beverly Hills Ninth; lots 116-125, Beverly Hills; lot 150; Beverly Hills Fifth; outlot 1, Beverly Hills Amended; lot 13, William McKee proposed; lots 10-13 and lots 17-19, McNeal’s Third; metes, metes, metes, metes, metes and metes, Steubenville Township; lot 1 and part lot 2, Buchan Addition; lot 202, Buena Vista Heights; lot 188, Fairview Plan; 0.0829 acre, Steubenville Township; lots 21-22, Beverly Hills Ninth; part lot 2, BW Doyles; 776 square feet, Steubenville Township; 0.198 acre, Steubenville Township; part lot 2, BW Doyles; lot 8, JW Gray’s Subdivision; 4,800 square feet, Steubenville Township; lot 203, Buena Vista Heights;

Clyde and Harriet Knox to Mark Knox and Carol Grimes, 93.51 acres, Springfield Township.

Dominic Cutri (deceased) to LaDonna Cutri, 0.22 acre, Steubenville Township.

Walter Witek to Patricia Mossor, lot 56, Beverly Hills.

Sharon Carpenter (deceased) to Mark Carpenter, lot 4, Simpson First.

Yolanda Steinnman (deceased0 to Terri Zeigler, 0.456 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Rita Talamine to Mark and Gretchen Nelson, 0.5628 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Mark Crowe Sr. to Mark and Brenda Crowe Sr., 0.2 acre, Saline Township.

William Beattie (deceased) to Sharon Bidish, 0.7145 acre, Steubenville Township.

William Beattie (deceased) to Patricia Beattie, metes, Steubenville Township.

Tim Myers to Tim and Fern Myers, 0.7059 acre and 0.8364 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Daniel and Kathleen Henry to Keith and Carissa Henry, 2.016 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Roger and Kristen Fisher to Gods Outreach LLC, lot 31 and part lots 30 and 32, Pleasant Heights.

Raymond Perrone to Raymond Perrone and others, lot 58, Dixon Heights (survivorship).

Gary Dufour to Patricia Connelly and Jessica Connelly, lot 201, Labelle View.

Jay Brake to Dan Brake and others, metes, Salem Township (survivorship).

Housing & Urban Development to US Bank, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Alicia and Joseph Tizol Jr. to Kenneth Hudok, part lot 13, JW Myers First; and lot 18, William Myers First.

Heather Hudok to Kenneth Hudok, part lot 13, JW Myers First; and lot 18, William Myers First.

Mary Kelley (deceased) to Kathleen Snodgrass and others, part lot 5 and lot 7, Original East Springfield.

Kathleen Snodgrass and Paul Kelley to Mary Kelley (deceased), part lot 5 and lot 7, Original East Springfield.

Anna Monogioudis to Mary Kelley (deceased), part lot 5 and lot 7, Original East Springfield.

Glenda Foglietti to Mary Kelley (deceased), part lot 5 and lot 7, Original East Springfield.

Ruth Ferrari to Chris Ferrari, 0.194 acre, Smithfield Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Mark Nelson Holdings LLC, part lots 2-3, BW Doyles; 0.608 acre, Steubenville Township.

Nick Hauck to James and Laura Trifinoff, lot 1, Woodland Park Estates (survivorship).

Zheng and Adena Huang to Mary Fistler, lots 158 and 160, Manhattan.

Matthew Mader to Jason and Erin Alloggia, metes, Salem Township (survivorship).

Thomas Kotsanis to Paul Andreozzi, part lot 40, Labelle View.

Catherine Costantini (deceased0 to Angela Costantini, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Justin Alban, 3.639 acres, Salem Township.

David Maple Jr. and Patricia Maple-Damewood to Brett Wellington, 1.605 acres, Knox Township.

Raymond Haynes and others to Jason Haynes, lots 1-2, Banfield Improvement.

Beverly Costello to Eugene Costello, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Eugene Costello to Kelli Naylor and others, 0.994 acre, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Fannie Mae to Augustine Homes Ltd., lot 290, Manhattan Subdivision.

John Scott Jr. and others to Rickie and Joan Blessing, lot 32, Lincoln Heights Development (survivorship).

Nicole and Robert Lamantia to James and Donna Horner, 0.5 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Pamela Grim to William Grim, lot 191, Hess First.

Huntington National Bank to John and Rosetta Gilbert, lots 7-8, Banfield Improvement.

Kenneth Suter (deceased) to Vivian Suter, 0.925 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Ronald Swickard Trust to Michael Kelly, 4.47 acres, Knox Township.

Robert and Edith Higgins to Edith Higgins, lot 5, JR Montgomery First.

Rose Barsnack to Ronald and Valerie Jacops II, lot 15, Eliott Second (survivorship).

Margarite Bauman (deceased) to Alexander and Aimee Minalga, lot 6, Moon Valley Estates (survivorship).

Jordan and Ashley Locke to Jade Waligura and Brandi Richards, 0.4643 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Joyce Dobbs to Barbara Clarke, lots 21-22, Banfield Improvement proposed.

Joyce Dobbs to Matthew Waggoner, lot 22, Banfield Improvement proposed.

Craig Petrola, trustee 1509 Madison Ave. Land Trust, to Jeffrey Aulet, lots 7-8, Banfield Improvement; lot 34, Silver Stream Knolls; lots 289-290, Silver Stream Knolls No. 2; lot 96, Beverly Hills; and lot 317, Manhattan.

Michael and Jodi Rielly to Jesse Jones, 2.105 acres, Island Creek Township.

Lucas Hannan to Sarah Moses, lot 3, Banfield Improvement.

Jon DiMichelle and others to Casey and Michael Allan, lot 79, Forest View.

David and Virginia Wright to Jeffrey and Kelly Hurley, lot 2, Green Acres (survivorship).

Doris and Michael McKinnon to Megan and Leonard Redfern, lot 39, Grandview Estates No. 2 (survivorship).

Timothy and Kasey Wayt to Andrew and Daniel Gero Sr., 1.867 acres, Salem Township.

Housing & Urban Development to Jarrett Olson, lot 8, Beverly Hills.

Thomas Vankirk (deceased) to Fred Vankirk, lot 30, Waggoner & McEldowney.

Skacoty Cloud to Robert Glasure, 0.18 acre, Smithfield Township.

Elizabeth Haynes to Kristina Haynes, 0.37 acre, Salem Township.

Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

William Vasich (deceased) to Robert Hall II, metes, Warren Township.

Fannie Mae to Tony Brown Sr. and Tammy Brown, lot 37, Eva Marie Estates.

Margaret Corder to Curtis Monseau, lot 18 and part lot 19, Ridgeway Estates.

Kathryn Scott to Joshua and Amy Capers, lots 1-2, Locust Park.

Paul Mullins Sr. (deceased) to Dorothy Mullins, lot 94, Gerk’s Addition.

Dorothy Mullins to Dorothy Mullins and others, lot 94, Gerk’s Addition (survivorship).

Robert and Cheryl Chatter to Paul and Cynthia Jones, part lot 37, Green Acres.

D. Craig and Connie Hoobler to Ryan DeMattio, lot 9, Green Valley Estates No. 1.

Rocco Boniey Jr. to Joseph and Judith DeCesare, part tract 19, Buena Vista Heights (survivorship).

Robert and Diana Strobel to Junior Payano, part lot 65, Simmons & Foster Addition.

Auditor of Jefferson County to City of Steubenville, part lots 8-9, Gray’s Addition; metes, Island Creek Township; and part lot 32, Ross Second.

Anita Burge to Randy Burge, 0.65 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to BJDR Management Co. LLC, lot 10, Ross Second.

Beverly DeLong (deceased) to Albert DeLong, metes, Island Creek Township.

Patricia Campbell to Henry and Laura Sheets Jr., 14.243 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Paul and Destiny Herring to Jayme Jones, lots 124-125, Glen Robbins Lower.

Fannie Mae to Colin Bloom, part lots 27-28, Original Tiltonsville.

Virginia Robinson to Roland Owens Jr., lot 38, Steubenville Coal and Mining; and part lot 6, McLaughlin’s First.

Rebecca Locke to Brandi and Robert Myers, lot 88, Original Irondale (survivorship).

Thomas and Tina Zook to Michelle Belon, 0.06 acre, Wells Township; and lot 6, Eliza Jane Winters Addition.

Robert Porter to Ida Porter, lot 65, Altamont.

Eileen and Clarence Mozingo to Clarence Mozingo, lots 146-147, Walton Acres No. 3.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Diocese of Steubenville, part lots 27-28 and part lot 39, Ross Second.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Patrick and Beth Warner, part lot 5-6, Wallace Addition (survivorship).

Auditor of Jefferson County to Steel Valley Regional Transit Authority, part lot 341, Wells Addition.

Nancy Cadile to Sam and Elizabeth Cadile, metes, Salem Township (survivorship).

Elvira Perrone (deceased) to Raymond Perrone, lot 58, Dixon Heights.

C Vision Properties LLC to James and Marie Crawley, lot 83, Silver Stream Knolls.

Marian Pratko and others to Richard and Rebecca Pratko, tract 24, Lake Park (survivorship).

Marian Pratko and others to Kathryn Scott, tracts 22-23, Lake Park.

Amos Gregory Trust to Rodney and Katina James, lot 469, Dickinson Addition (survivorship).

Edward Featheringham to Kevin and Krista Barnett, 0.21 acre, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Anthony and Eleanor Cerra to Melanie VanNuys, 0.624 acre, Knox Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to James Kinemond, part lot 37, Green Acres.

Ronald Brown to Charles and Beverly Brown Sr., lot 3, Northview (survivorship).

Federal National Mortgage Association to HSBC Bank, lot 73, Silver Stream Knolls.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Robert and Jacky Hines Jr., part lots 438-439, Murray’s Addition; part lot 28, Ross Second.

Shelly and John Paven to Curtis and Kim Lute, 0.3146 acre, Knox Township.

Leif Hall and Abbie Mollica to Luke and Angela Oestman, lots 1-2 and part lots 3 and 95, Hillcrest (survivorship).

David Cottrell to Alice Cottrell, 0.42 acre, Island Creek Township; and lot 8 and part lot 13, Original Toronto.

Shirley Williams (deceased) to Walter Williams, 0.31 acre, Cross Creek Township, and tract 7, Sunshine Park proposed.

Richard Granatir (deceased) to Paul and Eliza Symington, 5 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Wells Fargo Bank to Ronald and Catherine Skibo, 0.12 acre, Warren Township (survivorship).

Louis Giannamore Jr. and others to Todd Pinkerton, lot 35, Brentwood Estates.

Ruskin and Kelly Rogers to Jennifer Robinson, lot 16, Drennan’s.

Jesse and Gwendolyn James Jr. to Rodney and Katina James, part lot 485-486, Dickenson’s Addition (survivorship).


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