Real estate transactions

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Betty Crouch (deceased) to Ronald Crouch, lot 149, Country Club Estates.

Earl Vanfossan (deceased) to Suzanne Baney and others, lot 53, McConnell’s.

Frederick Smith Jr. to Jessica Smith, 1.139 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Donuts Ent LLC to Eugina Hicks, lot 43, Silver Stream Knolls; part lot 3, Gills Addition; part lot 11, Pleasant Heights; part lot 9 and lot 4, Beall & Steel; and part lot 12, Pleasant Heights.

Amy Westlake to Trevor Cooper, lot 17, Laurel Hill Estates.

Sarah Tantlinger (deceased) to Dawn Hyndman, lot 4 and part lot 5, Swickard’s Third.

Kaylie and Jarred Kurucz to Salvatore Scarafile, lot 43, McConnells.

Roger Sears (deceased) to Charlene Sears, 5 acres, Springfield Township.

Charlene Sears to Roger Sears II, 5 acres, Springfield Township.

Fannie Mae to Mark Pierro, lots 54-55, Hillsborough.

Robert Landis to Sandra Sines, lot 12, Banfield Improvement Revised.

Sandra Sines to John Geddis III and Jim Elia, lot 12, Banfield Improvement Revised.

Harry Minch Jr. to Marka Minch, lot 15, Sunrise Terrace Allotment No. 1.

Willard Jenkins (deceased) to Bonnie Jenkins, lot 2, Dana Lynn.

Marsha Landis to Eric Girga, 0.39 acre, Steubenville Township.

William Camp to Julie Camp, lots 58-59, Moon Valley.

Bryan Liggett to Jenny Liggett, lot 25, Mellwood Acres.

Brian and Janice Hibbits to Traci Yakemawiz, 0.4 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Earl McLeish (deceased) to Jennifer Parissi, lot 79, Longvue.

Connie Birkenmeir (deceased) to Triston Birkenmeir, 60.28 acres, Island Creek Township.

James Robinson (deceased) to Jerri Robinson, 0.30817 acre, Warren Township.

Eric Montgomery, trustee, to Jaison Edward and Johanna Wojtszeky, lots 1-2, Brentwood Estates.

Lisa and Robert Carmichael III to Abbi McCoy and Bradley Hughes, 0.694 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Jace Properties to Corey Vadasz, lot 72, Parkdale.

Michael and Kathleen Lally to Michael Bednar, lot 7, John Spahn’s Second.

Michael and Emily McManus to Paul and Bridgett Bernetsky, lot 245, Dixon Heights No. 2 (survivorship).

US Bank to Shengqiu Dong, lot 53, Butte’s Beverly Hills.

Angelo Defalco to Kathleen and Michael Lally, lots 2-3, John Spahn’s Second (survivorship).

Michael and Shannon Bednar to John and Heather Grafton, lot 27, Maplewood Estates Second (survivorship).

Pearl Evans (deceased) to Robert Turk, 1.165 acres, Wayne Township.

Janet Bedway (deceased) to Marcia Bedway (deceased) and George Bedway and others, 49.1453 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Jan Bertine, trustee, to Jan Bertine, lot 8, Sunrise Terrace.

Samuel Blagovich and Carol Oklok to David and Shannon Irvin, part lots 29-31, Brady Estates Plan No. 1 (survivorship).

David and Shannon Irvin to Serna Properties LLC, part lots 29-31, Brady Estates Plan No. 1.

Fannie Mae to Shane and Erica Wetherell, 0.9811 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Sylvia DiCesare to JD Home Management LLC, lot 28, Brentwood Estates.


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