Real Estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Mary Thompson (deceased) to William Thompson, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Jean Rankin to JD Home Management LLC, lot 31, Buena Vista Heights.

John West to Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp., lot 15, Labelle Land Co.

Gary and Cynthia Pendergrast to Citibank, part lot 7, Beall & Steele.

Ohio Edison Co. to North Eagle LLC, metes, Knox Township.

Donald Unkefer (deceased) to Iluminada Unkefer, part lot 1, William Myer’s First.

Alan and Janet Bell to Gregory Nemeth, 0.6604 acre, Warren Township.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert Singleton, lots 12-13, Original Shanghai.

Sylvia Swiger (deceased) to Jade Swiger, 0.254 acre, Steubenville Township.

JD Home Management LLC to Kyle Bliss, lot 73, Brentwood Estates.

Judy Hoffman to Michele Bowman, lot 111, Buena Vista Heights.

Bradley Antigo Jr. to Linda Bish, 0.49 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Brad Ramsey to JD Home Management LLC, part lot 62, Greed Acres.

Jamie Reducha to Heather Cholewinski and Corrina Snyder, lot 26, Deborah Manor.

James Ingersal, trustee, to SPA 2 LLC, part lot 129, Labelle Land Co.

John Labanics (deceased) to Patricia Hicks, lot 5, Miller Subdivision.

Patricia and Rodney Hicks to Rodney and Patricia Hicks, lot 5, Miller Subdivision; and lot 28, Grandview Estates II (survivorship).

Shirley Shannon to Kimberly Moore, 1.129 acres, Island Creek Township.

Velma Elliott to American Advisors Group, 2.078 acres, Steubenville Township.

Glenda Ogden to Robert Ogden, 1.0137 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Emery Tingler (deceased) to Nina Tingler, 47.24 acres, Springfield Township.

Dolores Donley and others to Kathleen Belanger, lots 20-21, North Riviera Tract.

Walter and Lynn Jackson to Shea Jackson, lots 194-195, Buena Vista Heights.

John Mavromatis Irrevocable Trust to Robert and Mary Phillipson, metes, Wayne Township (survivorship).

John Mavromatis Irrevocable Trust to Abe Troyer and others, metes, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Huberta Mining Co. to GAL Brilliant LLC, 0.6358 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Gary Courtright (deceased) to Jenny Courtright, lots 6-7, Simpson’s First.

Jenny Courtright to Charles Stingle Jr., lots 6-7, Simpson’s First.

Theresa Troski (deceased) to Christine Troski and others, lot 4 and part lot 5, Banfield Improvement.

Cory Brockway to Kristi Brockway, 1.3371 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Evan Fedash (deceased) to Elizabeth Fedash, lot 16, Brook’s Second.

Elizabeth Fedash (deceased) to Robert and Debra Petras, lot 16, Brook’s Second.

Terry Cook (deceased) to Mary Ann Cook, 1.62 acres, Island Creek Township.

Christina and John Vecchione to Zachary Thomas, lot 92, Lincoln Heights.

Tamara and Randy Gambos to Daniel Hutchison part lots 123 and 125 and lot 124, Riverview Terrace.