The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Mary Vale to Kelsi Peck, lot 74, Rodger’s Third.

Ricky and Lori Border to Seth Miller, 0.389716, Cross Creek Township.

Charles and Mary Henry to Randal McClung, 0.5432 acre, Ross Township.

Mark Keenan to Sandra Sines, lot 6, Goucher & McFadden.

Iris Wargacki Revocable Living Trust to Nancy Madsen-Ostinato and Iris Vazzana, lots 34-38, Longview Park.

Peter and Ellen Bunner to James McMillion, metes, Island Creek Township.

Chad Dawson to Chad and Amber Dawson, lot 70, Overlook Hills (survivorship).

Diocese of Columbus to Diocese of Steubenville, 1 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Gordon and Sheila Hennebert to Jeffrey Yao, lots 4-8, Patterson Addition.

Amanda Lengyel to John Leone, part lot 93 and lot 94, Lincoln Terrace.

Ronald and Theresa Kontra to John Leone, 4 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Vincent and Susie Fristick Jr. to Stephen and Michele Casper, part lot 206, Original Steubenville (survivorship).

Marlene Taylor to Kim Fletcher, part lot 5, Pleasant Hills Improvement.

Richard and Jennifer Roberts to John and Ginger Crawford II, 2.9821 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Angela Scott to Robert Clark, 0.91 acre, Knox Township.

Thomas Eddy (deceased) to Terri Kirkpatrick and Carol Caputo, 6,800 square feet, Cross Creek Township.

Raymond Frye (deceased) to William Richards, lot 114, Upland Park.

Rosa Peters to James Peters Jr., metes, Salem Township.

Carole Carducci (deceased) to Robyn Scott and Melinda Kaczmarek, lot 34, Dana Lynn.

Howard G. Meeker (deceased) to Howard J. Meeker, 1.065 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Drexel and Suanne Dawson to Suanne Dawson, lot 86, Forest View.

Paul and Jamie Miller Jr. to Jack Lowther III, lot 12, McConnell’s.

Deidre Myers to Dustin VanFossen and Mara Porco, 0.4886 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Fannie Mae to Global Premier Asset Management NJ LLC, part lot 27, Original Richmond.

Ohio Valley Home Solutions Inc. to Paul Miller Jr., 0.327 acre, Cross Creek Township.

James Applegarth Jr. (deceased) to Judith Applegarth, 0.595127 acre, Island Creek Township; and lot 4, Wrenwood Estates.

Coray Peters to Shaun Moore, 0.9218 acre, Knox Township.

Allen Wood (deceased) to Judith Wood, lot 46, Hillcrest.

Kent and Cindy Murray to Angie Allison, lot 144, Beechwood No. 2.

Vincent D’Alanno Jr., trustee, to Cora O’Connell, lot 17, Glendwell.

Jasper and Cassandra Gonzalez to Cassandra Gonzalez, lot 118 and 267, Manhattan.

Alexander and Nataly Sich to Richard and Julia Stein, 2.5601 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Hobart Mead to Elisa Barcalow, 17.9921 acres, Salem Township.

William Davis (deceased) to Cynthia Davis, 0.4134 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Janet Blanton (deceased) to Robert Blanton, 0.365 acre, Knox Township.

James Jackson and others to James Jackson and Joshua Greiner, metes, Salem Township (survivorship).

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Paul and Nellie Carpenter Jr., part lot 4, Patterson & Lupton’s.

Frank Keller (decease) to Kevin Keller, lot 10, Crestview Manor.

Equity Trust Co. to 517 519 North Third St., Toronto OH Trust, part lot 2, James Dawson Subdivision.

Harold and Dona Rairigh to Jessica Yates, lot 197, Ross Park Realty.

Edgar and Paula Lucas Jr. to William and Yvonne Larkins, 1.2806 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Adam and Taylor Young to Matthew Argentine, part lots 120-121, Becker Highlands.

Cheryl Adams (deceased) to Eva Barkhurst and others, 1.966 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

CR 2018 LLC to Jared Lucas, lots 17-18, Waggoner & McEldowney’s.

DB Legacy Rentals LLC to John and Becky Tumis, metes, Springfield Township.

Kelly McIlvain to Douglas Zamborsky, 0.209 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Joseph Monfred (deceased) to Jennie Monfred, lot 35, Sunset Gardens.

Gladys Fithen (deceased) to Roy Fithen Jr. and Diana Taylor, lot 37, Gerke’s.

Brenda Serdar to Wombatwize LLC, lots 14-15, Minor & McLaughlin’s Second; metes, Island Creek Township; and metes, Salem Township.

Betty Williams (deceased) to Ray Williams, 0.132 acre, Steubenville Township; and lot 6, John Grays.

Robert Ryan II (deceased) to Patricia Ryan, lot 5, Longvue.

Jacquelyn Frazee to Brett Frazee, lot 22 and part lot 23, Banfield Improvement.

Bonita Stewart (deceased) to Natalie Boyle and Lindsey Stewart, lot 156, Overlook Hills.

Philip Icuss III to Jasen Ryan, part lot 170, Buena Vista Heights.

Sherry Jackson and others to Sean Lash, lot 23, Brentwood Estates.

Karen Cooper and others to William Speaker, metes, Island Creek Township.

CF Bank to JD Home Management LLC, lot 35, Overlook Hills.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to JD Home Management, lot 293, Manhattan.

Jonathan and Rebecca Sanford to William and Margaret Staniszewski, lot 257 and part lot 256, Buena Vista Heights (survivorship).

Steven and Heather Thomas to Ian Whittington and Amber Littler, lots 146-147, Beverly Hills (survivorship).

Cory and Julia Keeder to Jeffrey and Trena Moyer, 7.265 acres, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Virginia and Thomas Glenn to Marcus and Alysanna Rawson, 16.969 acres, Ross Township (survivorship).

JD Home Management LLC to Anthony Parissi, lots 51-52, Longview.

Georgia Jordan to Nico Treglia, lot 52, Glendwell.

Claudia Norris (deceased) to Joseph Werner and others, lot 155, Altamont.

Cynthia Williamson and others to Victoria Porter, lot 155, Altamont.

John and Deanna Borsch to Danielle Anderson, lot 5, St. John’s Heights.

Jacob Boughan to Terry Barcus, 1.083 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Christopher and Lacey Boughan to Terry Barcus, 1.355 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Ohio Edison Co. to Shelly & Sands Inc., lots 59-64, Original Warrenton.

Matthew Thibault to Christopher Randolph, 1.642 acres, Salem Township.

Richard and Mary Ann Andersen to Shane Parker, lots 19-21, Lewis Subdivision.

Kenneth Carter (deceased) to Susan Carter, metes, Salem Township.


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