Catholic Central scholarship awards announced

From staff reports

STEUBENVILLE — Officials with Catholic Central High School announced the Class of 2019 scholarship award winners.

¯ Service Awards — Student Council Officers: Jacob Stoll, President; Richard Terry III, Vice President; Ava Sprochi, Secretary; Emma Borden, Treasurer. Senior Class Officers: Sydney Bennington, President; Veronica Phillipson, Vice President; Olivia Shepherd, Secretary; Julia Zatta, Treasurer.

¯ The Academic Subject Awards presented to seniors who have earned the highest grade point average in a particular course: Sydney Bennington, Theology 12; Christine Dombrowski, AP English; Miriam Buck, English 4; Katelyn Zwierzewicz, Honors English 4; Richard Terry III, French IV; Sydney Bennington, Spanish IV; Alana Milewsky, Accounting; Alana Milewsky, Consumer Business; Veronica Phillipson, Trigonometry; Julia Zatta, Statistics; Rebecca Bodo, AP Calculus; Jordan Maul, Youth and Law; Jordan Maul, Contemporary Issues; Alana Milewsky, Anatomy and Physiology; Rebecca Bodo, Biology II; Sydney Bennington, Chemistry II.

¯ The President’s Award of Excellence Gold Seal is presented to the following students for obtaining a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and scoring above the 85th percentile on the ACT or SAT test in Reading or Mathematics: Sydney Bennington, Rebecca Bodo, Quinten Butts, Paul Carapellotti, Christine Dombrowski, Katherine Eberhart, Alana Milewsky, Elizabeth Sollom.

¯ The Silver Seal Certificate is presented to recognize the outstanding achievement demonstrated by their GPA these students are: Karly Bolger, Miriam Buck, Zachary Campbell, Alec Costintini, Emma Crites, Halie Dayton, Anthony Fallon, Justin Hartzell, Matthew Kilonsky, Veronica Phillipson, Richard Terry III, Margaret Ward, Julia Zatta, Katelyn Zwierzewicz.

¯ Principal List for the 2017–18 School Year — Students must receive a grade of ‘A’ in all subjects. For receiving Principal’s List of Excellence Honors for all three quarters: Sydney Bennington, Rebecca Bodo, Christine Dombrowski and Alana Milewsky. For two quarters: Halie Dayton, Veronica Phillipson, Caitlin Pipo and Elizabeth Sollom. For one quarter: Talia DiBiase, Miriam Buck, Paul Carapellotti, Jacob Stoll and Richard Terry III.

¯ List of Academic Letter — This year, Catholic Central honors those students who worked hard to complete the criteria necessary for the Academic Letter. This criterion includes maintaining a GPA of 3.5, participating in 35 hours of community service broken down into 10 hours of service in the parish, 10 hours must be for the school, 10 hours in the community and five hours can be added to any category. Also, the students may not miss more than 5 days of school: Sydney Bennington, 3rd Letter; Rebecca Bodo, 3rd letter; Paul Carapellotti, 3rd letter; Christine Dombrowski, 3rd letter; Katherine Eberhart, 3rd letter; Justin Hatrzell, 3rd letter; Alana Milewsky, 3rd letter; Veronica Phillipson, 3rd Letter; Julia Zatta, 3rd Letter.

¯ The following seniors earned a Catholic Central High School Honors Curriculum and will wear White Cords at graduation to recognize this achievement: Sydney Bennington, Rebecca Bodo, Paul Carapellotti, Emma Crites, Christine Dombrowski, Alana Milewsky, Julia Zatta, Bonnie Thibault, Joseph Zinno,

¯ Service above and beyond — Service hours of 100 or more: Sydney Bennington, 203; Rebecca Bodo, 258; Emma Borden, 331; Paul Carapellotti, 242; Emma Crites, 217.5; Halie Dayton, 408.5; Katherine Eberhart, 275; Justin Hartzell, 143; Matthew Kilonsky, 156.5; Alana Milewsky, 154.5; Curtis Parker, 122; Veronica Phillipson, 310.25; Kolbe Rice, 400; Jacob Stoll, 115; Richard Terry III, 124; Julia Zatta, 184.5.

¯ Scholarships presented: Huntington Bank — Matthew Bell; John and Blanche Mussio Awards — Emma Borden, Anthony Fallon, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Richard Terry III and Margaret Ward; St. Genesius Scholarship Award — Miriam Buck, Aileen Delaney, Katherine Eberhart, Richard Terry III and Margaret Ward; George and Sally Wenner Memorial Scholarship — Alana Milewsky; Pamela Shoemaker Breast Cancer Foundation — Mason Shoemaker and Jacob Stoll; Booster Club Scholarship — Jacob Stoll; Basil’s Sports Bar Scholarship — Emma Borden; The Laurels of Steubenville Scholarship — Katherine Eberhart; The Anita Jackson Community Service Scholarship — Veronica Phillipson; The Air Force Thunderbird Pilot/Nick Hauck Memorial Scholarship — Richard Terry III; Brian T Shannon Memorial Scholarship — Jacob Stoll; Cynthia Rose Phillipson Memorial Scholarship — Emma Borden, Richard Terry III and Jacob Stoll; Vincent Oliver Memorial Scholarship — Veronica Phillipson; Joshua Andrew Merriman Memorial Scholarship — Paul Carapellotti, Veronica Phillipson and Jacob Stoll; Steve Zamanna Memorial Scholarship — Rebecca Bodo; Eastern Gateway Community College Jefferson County Academic Scholarship — Katelyn Zwierzewicz; Steubenville Kiwanis Scholarship — Kolbe Rice; Steubenville Lion’s Club Scholarship — Sydney Bennington and Karly Bolger; Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Religion Award — Sydney Bennington and Paul Carapellotti; Knights of Columbus Council 4361 Music Award — Kaylee Palmeri; Columbus Club Scholarship — Noah Fayak and Veronica Phillipson; Marjorie Taylor Lane Scholarship — Halie Dayton; Helen Heatherington Memorial Scholarship — Talia DiBiase and Caitlin Pipo; Dr. Edward Jagela Scholarship Award — Karmen DiBiase; The Albert B. and Rose Marie Teramana Memorial Scholarship — Veronica Phillipson; The Cecilia Whitehead Serra Memorial Scholarship — Olivia Shepherd and Matthew Kilonsky; JC Williams Scholarship — Zachary Campbell, Emma Crites, Austin O’Kruta, Curtis Parker and Travis Shore; Knights of Columbus Council 472 — Julia Zatta; John Phillip Sousa Award — Emma Crites; Silver Sword Award — Miriam Buck; Wally Gogul Memorial Scholarship — Matthew Bell; Louis R. Panebianco Scholarship Fund — Halie Dayton; Pugliese Charitable Foundation Scholarship — Christine Dombrowski, Jordan Maul, Gia Dettore, Quintin Butts, Elizabeth Sollom and Alec Costintini; WTOV 9 Game of the Week Scholarship Award — Dominic Argentind; Community Foundation of the Ohio Valley/David Stivison Scholarship — Richard Terry III; Rotary Club “Service Above Self” Awards — Emma Borden and Veronica Phillipson; The Women’s Club of Steubenville Scholarship — Rebecca Bodo; The Italian Cultural Club Award — Paul Carapellotti; Press/Macedonia Award — Paul Carapellotti; Michael Barber, Sr. Award — Rebecca Bodo.

¯ Catholic Central High School 2018 Top 10 — Here are the members of the top 10 in alphabetical order: Sydney Bennington, Rebecca Bodo, Paul Carapellotti, Emma Crites, Christine Dombrowski, Justin Hartzell, Alana Milewsky, Veronica Phillipson, Richard Terry III and Julia Zatta. The valedicatorian of the class is Sydney Bennington and the salutatorian is Rebecca Bodo.