New heart technology now offered at WMC

NEW TECHNOLOGY — Interventional cardiologists Drs. John Cherian, left, and Stanley Mannino are using Impella technology in the WMC heart catheterization lab.

WEIRTON — Weirton Medical Center is now offering the latest, state-of-the-art technology in interventional cardiology.

The facility’s heart care team has performed its inaugural procedures with new Impella technology in the hospital’s heart catheterization lab. Drs. Stanley Mannino and John Cherian are successfully using the Impella ventricular assist device on high-risk cardiac patients.

The minimally invasive device is for the short-term support of the left ventricle, which allows WMC interventional cardiologists to treat more complicated heart conditions in Weirton.

“We’ve seen great results on our Impella patients,” said Mannino. “We used the device on high-risk coronary angioplasty patients and on patients in cardiogenic shock, which is when a patient is experiencing hypotension or heart failure in the presence of a heart attack. One recent patient came to WMC with a very weak heart and bad blockages in two arteries and we used Impella for cardiac support. The interventions went well and the gentleman is doing very well today.”

Impella can also be used as a bridge to coronary bypass surgery as a way to safely allow time to get a patient to a tertiary facility in Pittsburgh which is fully equipped to handle open heart cases.

“We are very happy to have this option for our higher-risk patients,” Mannino added. “Our goal is the best possible outcomes and Impella puts us a step ahead.”


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