Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Robert Warren to Cassidy Ingram, lot 82 and part lot 83, Saltsman’s Fourth.

Robert Warren to Janet Warren, 1.341 acres, Knox Township.

North Heights Home LP to Common Wealth Inc., lots 21-22, Dike & Wilson.

Common Wealth Inc. to Andrew Klevinko, lots 21-22, Dike & Wilson.

Michael and Joyce Nichols to Larry Quinn Jr., 0.394 acre, Wells Township.

Idella Grimes and Ronald Martin to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, part lot 63, Labelle View.

Douglas and Heather PErry to AD Gentes Mission, lot 50, Hillcrest.

Chistine Nicosia to Christine and Samuel Nicosia, 0.3 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Brenan and Lisa Pergi to South Bend Rentals LLC, part lot 1, Yurjevic’s.

Michelle Blake to Eric Blake, metes, Knox Township.

Sherwin Hoffman (deceased) to James Anderson, lots 6-9, Stewart Heirs First; and lot 13, Myers.

Pamela Caswell to Jason Kodysz and Miranda Parr-Kodysz, lot 185, Revised Walton Acres No. 3 (survivorship).

Diana Fellows to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, part lots 4-5, Wheeling & Lake Erie Coal Mining proposed.

E. Marlene Cooper (deceased) to Walter Cooper, 3.185 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Aaron Zurek to Donna Bartrug, 0.005 acre, Smithfield Township.

James and Kathleen Cutler to Ronald and Marianne Dubois Jr., lot 11, Labelleview (survivorship).

John Crawford (deceased) to Marilyn Crawford, lot 19, Beverly Hills Seventh.

Barbara Huggins (deceased) to Ronald Huggins, lot 18, Drennen’s.

Billie Garrison and Mildred DiLoreto to Harry Lollathin Jr. and Ted Simmons, 0.453 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Eva Davis (deceased) to Raymond Davis, lot 20, Watson & Thomasson’s Second.

Elizabeth Bickerstaff (deceased) to Scott Robinson, 0.193 acre, Smithfield Township.

Glenda Birkenhimer to Dallas Connor and Glenna Kennedy, lot 19, Yurjevic’s.

Edward Lewis III to Philip Granatir and Pamela Granatir, 28.26257 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Marcel Lollini (deceased) to Margery Lollini, metes, Warren Township; lot 55, Teal’s; part lots 188-189, AC Jones; and part lot 6, Bartock’s.

JD Home Management LLC to Lisa Gorman, lot 97, Country Club Estates.

Christopher Neavin to Chelsie Crawford, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

David and Sally Evans to Joann Wardeska, 1.842 acres, Knox Township.

Yvonne Minor (deceased) to Debra Petras, lot 6, North Steubenville.

Debra and Robert Petras to Brenda Fetty, lot 6, North Steubenville.

JD Home Management LLC to Rebekkah Lindamood, lot 8, Pugs Sunrise Manor.

Richard and Joy Spring to Karen Spindler, 0.38 acre, Island Creek Township.

Ohio River Collieries Co. to Robert Gentile and others, 1.471 acres, Wayne Township.

Robert Gentile and others to Wayne Paul, 1.471 acres, Wayne Township.

Michael Simone (deceased) to Eleanor Simone, metes, Island Creek Township; and lots 4-5 and part lot 2, TW Stock proposed.

Daniel and Patricia Moore to Paul and Raelene Shell, 5.541 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

James Riley to Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp., lot 52 and part lot 54, Original Mount Pleasant.

Duane and Diane Spurrier to William and Trudy Phillips II, part lot 31, Hillsborough (survivorship).