The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Roger and Lurleen Smith Jr. to Chip and Brittney Lockwood, 7.202 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Frank Miodusewski to Nicholas Tuttle, lot 20, Beechwood No. 2.

Rose Logan to Terry and Rebecca Latynski, 0.9979 acre, Brush Creek Township (survivorship).

Danny Leonard (deceased) to Carol Leonard, 6.94 acres, Island Creek Township.

Tina Trifonoff and others to Larry Stewart and Kristen Fabianich, 1.437 acres, Steubenville Township.

Carol Gregory (deceased) to Kristen Snyder, lot 8, BF Murphy’s Second.

Jeremy and Ashley Owings to Mallory Radvansky, 0.571 acre, Island Creek Township.

Michael and Samantha Yanik to Maverick Deceasre, 0.3806 acre, Smithfield Township.

Wayne and Cynthia Pearson to Jeremy and Ashley Owings, lots 115-117, Myers proposed (survivorship).

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to James Cote-Wurzler II, part lots 186-187, Labelleview.

Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp. to Christina Lewis, part lot 1, Watson & Thomasson First.

Lisa Greathouse and others to Charlotte Shirley, 2.0013 acres, Salem Township.

Sandra Menhorn to Matthew Fomenko, 1.0371 acres, Smithfield Township.

Robert and Cynthia Sagrilla to Wayne and Cindy Pearson, Unit 4336, Steeple Chase.

Gin-Jo Inc. to Wayne and Cindy Pearson, part lots 44-45, Joshua Moores.

Marian McCullough and others to Benny and Jaclyn Zanes, lot 43, Highland City (survivorship).

Benny and Jaclyn Zanes to David Horstman, 0.138 acre, Warren Township.

Robert and Bette Youngkin to Zachary Ezelle, lots 40-41, Brentwood.

Margaret Craft and others to John Harmon, lot 16, McConnell’s.

Lewis Blackwell to Jeffery Walker, 0.43 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Robert and Kathy Jo Barker to Thomas and Tanya Goffoli, 0.171 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Robert and Kelly Lamantia to Carmine Lelli, 1.0576 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Devon Bragg and David Reece Sr. to Michelle Rader, part lot 92, Joshua Moore’s.

Dohrman Stratton Jr. (deceased) to Nancy Stratton and others, metes, Knox Township.

Bruce and Susan Conaway to Dennis and Cathleen Hickle, lots 55-57, Marie Dale proposed (survivorship).

Terry Timmerman (deceased) to Rose Mary Timmerman, 1.795 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

James McGraw (deceased) to Debra McGraw, 1 acre, Knox Township.

Mary Pugh, trustee, to Dorothy Kliner and Donald Confalone, lot 2, Winterdale (survivorship).

Private Capital Fund LLC to Tanya McMillen, lot 32, Wilson McKee’s First.

William and Mary Liddick Sr. to William Liddick Jr., lot 60, Wallace Heights No. 1.

Kimberlee Hammond to Mid American Mortgage Inc., lot 214, AC Jones.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 184, Revised Walton Acres No. 3.

David Gallabrese to Chelsey Gallabrese, lot 45, Ekey’s Third.

Mika Swinski to Allison Kralik, 0.8457 acre, Steubenville Township.

Headlands Asset Management Fund II Series E LP, lot 159, Ross Park Realty.

Steven and Connie Bell to Joshua and Shelley Ewing, lot 14, Forest View (survivorship).

Mike Slavick to Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp., lot 4, Long’s Second.

Brian Hare to Robin Hare, 1.8 acres, Salem Township.

Nancy Lewis (deceased) to Richard Lewis, 0.32 acre, Island Creek Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Jefferson County Land Reutilization Corp., 0.173 acre, Mount Pleasant Township; and 0.0293 acre, Smithfield Township.

Robert Coker (deceased) to Harriette Coker, lots 57-58, Longvue.

Charles Abshire to Vickie Elerick, lot 31, Original York.

John Abshire to Vickie Elerick, lots 32-33 and 57-60, Original York.

John Abshire to David Abshire, lot 21, Original York.

Larry Digman (deceased) to William Rager, lots 6-7, Barkhurst’s First.

Richard Davis (deceased) to Susan Davis, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.

Dorothy Wayte (deceased) to Clarence Wayte, lots 98-100, Walkers Second.

Melissa and Troy Dray to US Bank, lot 303, Buena Vista Heights.


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