Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Steve Mantos (deceased) to Melanie Mantos, part lot 25, Valley View.

Kaja Holdings 2 LLC to DSV SPV3 LLC, part lots 11-12, Pleasant Heights.

Lisa and Michael Tolbert to Matthew and Carrie Smith, 0.071 acre, Warren Township (survivorship).

Lonestar DJN LLC to Mark Nelson Holding LLC, 0.44926 acre, Steubenville Township.

John Crouch (deceased) to Helen Crouch, 0.864 acre, Knox Township.

Myron and Stacy Walker to HCS of Merchants Isle LLC, part lot 7, Pleasant Heights.

Bernadette Romey and others to Kateri Chaisson and Justin Chaisson, lots 1-2, Sinclair & Goucher’s First (survivorship).

Tiffany Busic (deceased) to Shane Busic, lot 12, Harwell Place.

Urban Mission Ministries Inc. to Mount Carmel Community Baptist Church, part lot 1, Martin Andrews Trustee.

KB Owner LLC to WG Ridgewood Place LLC, 6.077 acres, Island Creek Township.

KB Owner LLC to WG Heritage Place LLC, 3.94 acres, Steubenville Township.

Village Capital & Investment to Housing & Urban Development, 9.25 acres, Knox Township.

Ronald and Karen Bird to Ruth Anne Becca, 0.469 acre, Steubenville Township.

Michael and Lisa Barz to Lisa Longo, lot 143, Sunset Gardens No. 2.

Barbara and James Karamanolis to James Karamanolis, lot 22, Lincoln Heights Development.

James Capon to Barbara Capon, 0.276 acre, Cross Creek Township; and part lots 55-56, Joshua Moore’s.

Christina Yohman to Todd Yohman, 18.0736 acres, Springfield Township.

Cynthia and Gary Price to James Barcus, 1.328 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Margaret Cain, trustee, to Park Place Holdings Co., metes, Springfield Township.

Carl Wilson (deceased) to Amy Kovalski and Denise Ciccone, lot 11, Lucas Walter’s.

Donna Snyder and others to Charles and Donna Snyder, lot 10, Amended Pugs Sunrise Manor (survivorship).

US Bank to James Rossi, part lots 188-190, Pleasant Heights.

US Bank to Equity & Help Inc., trustee, lot 554, Labelle View.

Baerbel Recinella to Jeffrey Recinella, lot 45, Gerke’s.

Michael Sweat and Tina Auteri-Sweat, metes, Salem Township (survivorship).

Marjorie Hosterman to Drucella Fleishour and others, 2.668 acres, Salem Township.

Nancy Lewis (deceased) to Richard Lewis, 0.533 acre, Island Creek Township.

William Baker to Kohl Liddick, lot 79, Hillsborough.

Sondra Vojvodich to Travis Vojvodich, 1.019 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Brooke Davenport to Michael Davenport, 4.75 acres, Wayne Township.

Louise Eyler to Herbert Dunn Jr., lot 1, Brady Estates No. 3 proposed.

Lurraine Levi to Yorkville Investments LLC, 3,500 square feet, Warren Township.

David Pastre to Racquel Wright, 1.06 acres, Smithfield Township.

Edward Kosikowski to Amy Kosikowski, lot 155, Walton Acres No. 3.

Kasey Wayt to William Baker, 0.102 acre, Springfield Township; and part lot 3 and lot 4, Westview.

Justin and Terra Kempton to Jennifer Kovalski, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Jessica and Justin Hall to Hall Holdings LLC, 0.5004 acre, Cross Creek Township.

James and Constance Wright to Angela Plotts, 1.904 acres, Wayne Township.

Robert and Lenore Calabrese to Patrick and Erin Grace, lot 31, Lawson Estates (survivorship).

Helen Ducco to Bettie Jo Youngkin, part lots 48-49, Beverly Hills Seventh.

Marie Kamarados Irrevocable Grantor Trust to Fred and Earlene McShan Sr., lot 38, Lawson Estates (survivorship).

NRZ REO VI-B LLC to Peter and Tracy Gulczynski, lot 140, Sunset Gardens No. 2.

Shirley Isleman (deceased) to Charles Isleman, lot 72, Glendwell.

Agnes Taglieri and others to Alex and Kylie DiPietro, lot 117, Overlook Hills (survivorship).

Rosemond Garrick to Jacob Prayso, lot 34, McCauslen’s.

Prakash and Darshana Maniyar to Bapa Sitaram LLC, lots 14-15, Myer’s First.

DVN Inc. to Lacuya Weathers, lot 32, Dixon Heights.

James and Janice Vanchure to Brandie Ward and Kevin Cowden, metes, Smithfield Township.

Leonard and Diana Kocher to Alexander DiGregorio, 0.636 acre, Island Creek Township.

Robert Holsinger (deceased) to Sandra Holsinger and others, metes, Island Creek Township.

Jefferson County Land Reuitilization Corp. to The Old Fort Steuben Project Inc., part lot 90, City of Steubenville.

Warner Springer to Brandon Cornish, 1.2 acres, Island Creek Township.

Lonestar 724 Enterprises LLC to Brandon Cornish, 0.9123 acre, Island Creek Township.

Thomas Martin to Federal National Mortgage Association, 0.1010 acre, Steubenville Township.

Joan Marshall (deceased) to Patrick Marshall, lot 158, Buena Vista Heights.

Betty Masters (deceased) to Henry Melet and others, lot 259, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Margaret Gosney (deceased) to Debra Louk, lots 111-112, Sunset Gardens No. 2.