Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Michael and Christina Blazeski to Robert and Suzanne Blazeski, lots 1-2, Wheeling Lake Erie Coal First (survivorship).

John and Gloria Puorro to Melissa and Lisa Grable, lot 41, Overlook Hills (survivorship).

Dianna Albright to Dianna and William Albright, lot 30, Beechwood (survivorship).

Martha Swickard (deceased) to David Robbins Jr. and others, 0.313 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Lucinda and Robert Goldsberry to David Robbins Jr., 0.313 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Tamela Hirt to David Robbins Jr., 0.313 acre, Cross Creek Township.

James Blaney, trustee, to Steubenville Truck Yard LLC, 4.379 acres, Island Creek Township.

Ruby Stubbs to Ruby Stubbs and Gary Stubbs II, part lots 18-19, Dike & Wilson (survivorship).

Douglas and Margaret Lowry to Pierre Degrange, lot 88, Hillcrest.

Daniel Doyle to Scassa Tires Inc., part lot 165 and lot 166, Original Steubenville.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, 0.484 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Howard and Clara McClure to Doug Wilson, lots 25 and 42, Original Smithfield.

Howard and Clara McClure to Bruce Bowen and Billie Jo Bowen, part lot 17, James Carr (survivorship).

Father Charles Mascolino (deceased) to Rosemary Mascolino, Unit 4338, Steeple Chase.

Ronald Paris Sr. (deceased) to Terra Green, part lot 34 and lot 35, Robert Clark’s First.

Justin and Danielle Adkins to Adkins Rental Properties LLC, 0.15 acre, Knox Township.

David Dileonardo to David and Nyashadzashe Dileonardo, 0.978 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Marsha Fetty to Samuel Shorac Jr., 0.26 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Oma and Jeffrey Wszeboroski to Garry and Susan Lavely, lot 56, Ridgeland (survivorship).

JD Home Management LLC to Michael and Barbara Moudatsos Jr., lot 31, Swickards Second (survivorship).

William and Herberta Mitchell to William and Dean Mitchell, 0.27 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Margaret Buchanan (deceased) to Jeffrey and Alice Begin, lot 94, Riverview Terrace.

Scott Miller to Aaron Richardson and others, 27.156 acres, Salem Township.

Michael and Dawneve Ryan to Michael Ryan II, 6.570627 acres, Knox Township.

Myra Prosko to David Prosko and others, 1 acre, Knox Township.

John and Marsha Durish Jr. to Christopher Ferroni, 7 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Phillip Pergi to Loretta Miller, lot 14, McCauslen Manor.

David Hudok, trustee, to Brien Hatch and Douglas Gonyea Jr., lot 196, Walton Acres No. 3 (survivorship).

Patricia Smith and others to Jonathan Smith, 0.393 acre, Warren Township.

Herbert Rohall (deceased) to Mary Musmanno, Unit 4317, Steeple Chase.

Therese Cichon to Robert Cichon and others, metes, Smithfield Township.

Thomas Cucarese (deceased) to Cathy Cucarese, 1 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Kerri Boyuk to Scott and Hilda Scardina, lot 8, Eastview (survivorship).

Lenard and Daysi Jaderlund to Colleen Mackey, lot 22, Hillcrest.

Patrick McPherson (deceased) to Linda McPherson, metes, Steubenville Township.


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