Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Rachel and Keith Boivin to Aaron and Kimberlie Richardson, 104.301 acres, Knox Township (survivorship).

Roman Perez to Baron View Properties LLC, lot 85, Hillcrest.

Richard Fleming (deceased) to Audrey Fleming, lot 104, Altamont.

Edward Russell Jr. (deceased) to Lucia Russell, lot 34, St. John Heights.

Mark Fleming (deceased) to Cathy Fleming and others, 1.006 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Edward and Nancy Kotora Joint Living Trust to Sean Norman, 4.0119 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

John Leone to Uphill Property Investments LLC, lot 67, Lincoln Terrace.

Frederick Galea-Leone and John Leone to Uphill Property Investments LLC, lots 91 and 94 and part lots 92-93, Lincoln Terrace.

Shirley Biggio to Gretchen and Brian Yanssens, lot 80, John Spahns First (survivorship).

Nedra Boggs (deceased) to Brian Jones, lot 59, Forestview.

Chalisa and Zachary Vankirk to C&Z Rentals and Property Maintenance LLC, part lots 3-4, South Park.

Coyet Jeter Jr. (deceased) to Janet Graves and others, lot 9, Orchard Place.

Jason Lewis to Ralph and Susan Parissi, lot 6, Glendwell (survivorship).

Michael Schucker and others to Nancy Kendjorsky, lot 34, Tiltonsville.

Raymond Davis Sr. to Raymond Davis III, lot 20, Watson & Thomas Second.

Andrew Krivenko to Andrew and Amanda Krivenko, lot 106, Spaulding’s First (survivorship).

Joann Whitaker to Charles Whitaker, metes, Smithfield Township; metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Frank Pellegrino (deceased) to Elvira Pellegrino, lot 170 and part lot 171, Medilla unrecorded.

Melinda and Ronald Taylor to Justin and Jessica Hall, 0.4681 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Polish National Alliance No. 652 Inc. to We Are Zion Community Outreach Inc., part lots 7-8, Rickey & Urghart’s.

Kristen and Richard Cernansky to Donna Nalley, lot 232, Country Club Estates.

Robert and Susan Eft to Steven and Leah Eft, 4.94 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Marjorie McCullough to Nicholas Blackburn and Andrew Diablert, lot 17, Buena Vista.

Joseph and Gina Motto to Gregory Coates, lot 17, William Myers First.

Ruth Lamantia to Ziggy Rentals LLC, 0.165 acre, Island Creek Township.

John Dibler Jr. and others to Tracy Hardman, lot 44, Saltsmans Third.

Ronald Stinard, trustee, to Gary McGrath, part lots 63-65 and lots 62 and 68, Lewis.

Suzanne Gooch (deceased) to John Gooch Jr., lot 17, Henry Myer’s.

John Gooch Jr. to John and Nancy Gooch Jr., lot 17, Henry Meyer’s.

Nelson Best II to Susan Best, 1.3583 acres, Knox Township.

Mark and Tina Treglia to Joseph Casale, part lot 17, Potter & Sherrard’s First.

Elyse Mizell to Chad and Jami Virtue, lots 33-37, New Somerset (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Philip Thompson, 0.24 acre, Island Creek Township.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Carl Bloom, part lot 41, Medilla.

Aine Trust to Brian and Candice Grover, 0.251 acre, Mount Pleasant.

John and Gail Bocek to Tyler and Michelle Weaver, 0.6866 acre, Knox Township (survivorship).

Judith and Joseph Decesare to DCZR LLC, 0.53 acre, Island Creek Township.

Joe and Judith Decesare to DCZR LLC, lot 11, Brookview; and lots 145A and 146A, Riverview Terrace.

Edward Decesare to Brilliant Storage LLC, 0.434 acre, Wells Township.

Edward Decesare and others to Brilliant Storage LLC, 12.088 acres, Cross Creek Township; and 2.012157 acre, Wells Township.

William and Janet Vanzin to Andrew and Jessica Noble, metes, Steubenville Township; and part lot 34, Eastview.

Robyn Scott and others to Megan Jarvis, lot 34, Dana Lynn.

JD Home Management LLC to Joshua Coffin, lot 113, Overlook Hills.

William and Diane Ksiazek to Joshua and Alyssa Wendt, lot 8, Brentwood Estates Second (survivorship).

Patrick Real Estate LLC to Mark Murdzak, lot 14, McNeal’s Second.

John Harmon to John and Carolyn Harmon, lot 16, McConnell’s (survivorship).

Douglas and Carol Cornish to William and Trudy Phillips II, 0.641 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Linda and Francis Caputo to Ashley Renforth, 0.2 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Linda Vogt, trustee, to Robert Green, lots 30-31, Eastview.

Wamsley Revocable Living Trust to Ryan DeMattio, lots 4, 5 and 9, Green Valley Estates No. 1.

Gerald Walker (deceased) to Frances Walker, lot 26, Banfield Improvement.

James Ruggiero (deceased) to Patricia Ruggiero, metes, Island Creek Township.

David Matthews to Jon Ruttencutter, 3.1463 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Donald and Donna Matthews to Jon Ruttencutter, 3.1463 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Betty Ruttencutter to Jon Ruttencutter, 3.1463 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Dorothy Dehnart to Jon Ruttencutter, 3.1463 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Earl and Patricia Matthews to Jon Ruttencutter, 3.1463 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Joyce and James Rine Sr. to Jon Ruttencutter, 3.1463 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Richard Hazelip (deceased) to Dolores Hazelip, metes and 0.93 acre, Knox Township.

James Hartzell (deceased) to Alice Hartzell, lot 52, Hiland Estates.

Susan Balkun to True Sun LLC, lot 30, Simmons & Fosters.

Thomas Laylock and others to Stephen Laylock, lot 230, Manhattan.

Robert Rast (deceased) to Mary Thompson, lot 282, Dixon Heights No. 2.

David Proger (deceased) to Anna Proger, 2.7848 acres, Warren Township.


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