Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

RJC Realty LLC to Kyle Reid Investments LLC, 0.96 acre, Wells Township.

Whitney Glatzer to Benjamin Bowers, lot 32, Forestview.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to EXR LLC, lots 221-223, Upland Park.

Delores Werkin (deceased) to Lois Holub and others, unit 6, Mission Point.

Christopher and Kimberly Keirsey to Riley Kiersey and Andrea McDiffin, part lots 1 and 2, LH Hilsinger’s (survivorship).

Phyllis Taylor (deceased) to Linda Kerr and others, 155.175 acres, Salem Township.

Jeffrey Wood to Douglas Wood, lot 239, Country Club Estates.

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp. to Robert Hines Jr. and Jacky Hines, part lot 440, Murray’s Addition (survivorship).

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp. to Brenda Dollison, lot 17, Drennen’s.

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp. to Gary and Linda Gerber, 12,000 square feet, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Tammy Pulice (deceased) to Ronald Waggoner, tract 16, Lake Park.

William and Trysha Crain to Cheryl Petras, .817 acre, Island Creek Township.

Joan Zorbini to Donald and Donna Fogle, lot 66, Altamont (survivorship).

Douglas and Joyce Zeyer to Bruce Oszust, .983 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Deborah Goff and Matthew Giannaris to Rebecca and Harry Dutton, lot 64, Vine Cliff.

John Cervenak and Justin Cervenak to St. Florian Properties, part lot 112, LaBelle View.

Roberta and Jeffrey Marracino to Page and Douglas Hardsouk, lot 32, Meadowbrook Manor (survivorship).

Richmond Mill Inc. to PRC Legacy LLC, metes, Knox Township.

Charles Williams (deceased) to Carol Bush and others, lot 103, Spaulding’s.

Mark Cashioli and others to HK Management LLC, part lot 521, LaBelleView.

Dennis Cashioli to HK Management LLC, part lot 521, LaBelleView.

CAM-Ohio Real Estate LLC to Leesville Land LLC, 10 acres, Wayne Township.

HSBC Bank USA to Joshua Ware, lot 54, Original Richmond.

Joseph Supinski to Mary Slivinski, .1 acre, Smithfield Township.

William Marchbank (deceased) to Deborah Marchbank, .3934 acre, Mount Pleasant Township, lots 7 and 9, FC Updegraff’s, lots 3 and 4, Jenskins, 38.06 acres, Warren Township.

Danielle Moralee to GeorgeAnn Fazio, part lot 12, FA and J.C. Wells.

Antonio Magnone to Matthew Crossley, lot 166, Buena Vista Heights.

Thomas Maloney to Valerie Maloney, metes, Cross Creek Township.

James Orban Revocable Trust to Robert and Aimee Vein, 1.1087 acres, Wayne Township (survivorship).

George and Georgianne Weiser to Andy Grim II, 2.047 acres, Salem Township.

Edith Kettlewell and others to Jelou Lewis, lot 72, Westwood Estates.

Garrett Emery (deceased) to Angela Myers and Todd Emery, 3.5801 acres, Knox Township.

Angela Myers and others to Nicholas and Keyla Glenn, 3.5801 acres, Knox Township.

William and Patricia Yoho to Loren Curti, lots 21-23, Bickerstaff’s.

Ryan Zullo Trustee to Dawn Zullo, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Chelsea Controguerra to Stephanie Levy, lot 47, Hillborough (survivorship).

Sally Mamula (deceased) to Eli Mamula, 3.028 acres, Island Creek Township.

Village of Bergholz to Rodney Myers, lot 26, Allen’s.

Madrano Family Properties LLC to Marina Ovalle, part lot 206, Original Steubenville.

John Daugherty Sr. (deceased) to Doris Daugherty, 19.47 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Young Family Irrevocable Trust to Charles and Catherine Morelli, lots 24-26, State Park Manor (survivorship).

Lula Loper (deceased) to Judy Loper, part lots 8 and 10, Original Mount Pleasant.

Kathy and Ronald Gibbons to Michael Andrews, part lot 20, Original Mingo Junction.

Mac Carney to Don Carney Jr., lot 22, Brentwood Estates, part lot 13, Rickey and Urquhart’s.

Sherry and James Jackson and others to Ryan Clancey and Courtney Swearingen, lot 5, Dana Lynn (survivorship).

James and Linda Lewis to James and Sherry Jackson, Jr., lots 149-151, JA Langfitts (survivorship).

Jessel Graham (deceased) to Tina Graham, part lot 31, Ross.

Earl and Jeanette Gates to Edgar Ibarra, lot 145, Buena Vista Heights.

John and Marilee Eugenius to Dominick and Theresa D’Aurora, lot 144, Becker Highlands (survivorship).

Matthew Porco to Ronald and Lita Trimmer, lot 44, Alexander Manor (survivorship).

Mary and Glenn Donahue to Henry Jolly and Deborah Jolly, lots 49 and 50, Village of Richmond (survivorship).

Robert Francis (deceased) to Bernice Francis and others, lots 36, 37 and 44, Belvedere, 5.4001 acres, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Douglas Meyers to Carlos Gonzalez, part lot 28, Ross.

Shirley Meyers to Carlos Gonzalez, part lot 28, Ross.

Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority to Steven McCain, lot 6, Pleasant Heights.

Fred Walsh (deceased) to Rene Walsh, part lots 6 and 7, Hawthorne Court.

Richard Haines Jr. (deceased) to Cherella Haines, lot 108, David Spaulding’s.

Reid Millard to Kyle Reid Investments LLC, lot 71, David Spaulding’s.

Floyd Blackburn Jr. to Buhdas Real Estate LLC, lot 34, B. Frank Murphey’s.

Robert Blackburn (deceased) to Marsha Blackburn, 1 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Lois King (deceased) to Donald King, lot 17, Carnegie Court.


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