Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Madisen and Dillon Hurst to Cary Clancey, lot 56, McConnell’s.

Randolph and Dolores Smith to Chealyne Singleton, lots 141 and 142, Silver Stream Knolls.

James Rice Sr. to Nathaniel Shutt, lot 47, Marie Dale.

Nicole and Rocco Auteri to Thad Crosier, lot 17, John Spahn’s.

Roxann and James Tharp to Alysha Rusnak, 1 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Barbara Dray and other to William Johnson, lot 38, Steubenville Pottery Co.

Dale Kuester (deceased) to Ruth Kuester, metes, Salem Township.

Randall Adams (deceased) to Brenda Adams, part lots 52 and 53, Lake Austin, lot 32, Karen Place.

Edward O’Dell (deceased) to Ola O’Dell, lot 163, Buena Vista Heights.

Richard and Tyra Warrington to James Randalson, 2.967 acres, Springfield Township.

Harry and Nina O’Cullen to Shelia Holcomb, .2229 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Hughes Family Trust to Sylvia Aperfine, part lots 92 and 93, Hillcrest.

Corbin and Ashley DiMeglio to James Crabtree, .5 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Donald Merritt to William Elm, .0984 acre, Steubenville Township.

Hazel Brown to William Elm, .201 acre, Steubenville Township.

Michael Bowman (deceased) to Mary Bowman, .3836 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Ann Adey (deceased) to Charlot Martell, lot 21, part lot 20, Millvale.

Barbara Keyser (deceased) to Robert Keyser, 2.5762 acres, Wells Township, .4234 acre, Steubenville Township.

Christine Nidle and others to Angela Nidle and Sesto Nidle, lot 1, WB Garrestson’s.

Tammy Mankowski to Jeffrey Brown, lots 12 and 13, Swickard’s.

Deborah Elias to Coleen Hart, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Jeremy and Ashley Lochner to David Taugner, 8.02 acres, Knox Township.

Hattie Gilliam and Craig Jackson to Adam Maruca, lots 16, 17 and 19, Silver Stream Knolls.

Phillip Canella (deceased) to Robert Canella, metes, Steubenville Township.

1st LLC to Adam Weiss and others, part lots 102 and 103, LaBelleView.

Shawn and Tiffany Beckwith to Cody Shanley, lot 6, Banfield.

Lottie Willis (deceased) to Launette Pernick and Paula Willis, tract 59, Lake Park.

Maggie Minniefield (deceased) to Tiffany and Robert Minniefield Jr., part lot 9, Wells and Wells.

Tricia and Neal Zaccagnini to Joel Mata, lot 2, Bartock.

Nita Bartlett (deceased) to Presley Bartlett, lot 46, Sunrise Terrace.

Edenculture to Ryan Sofio, lots 41-47, Ridgeland.

Vincent D’Ortenzo to Isaiah Ochai and Lamont Pruitt, lot 47, Beall and Steele’s (survivorship).

Shea Revocable Trust to James Rice Sr., lots 75-77, Marie Dale.

Hazel Simon to Jackie Richards, .11 acre, Steubenville Township.

Bethann and Brian Mueller to Yvonne Milton, .086 acre, Warren Township.

Eugenia Hicks to Lavel Hicks and Donuts Entertainment LLC DBA, lots 43, Silver Stream Knolls, part lots 3, Gill’s, lot 4 and part lot 9, Beall and Steele’s, part lot 12, Pleasant Heights, part lot 11, Pleasant Heights Imp. Co.

Arthur Vecchione Revocable Trust to Patrick Orenchuk and John Vecchione, 1.362 acres, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Van Flesher Sr. to Brandon Haines, .912 acre, Steubenville Township.

Bryan and Regina Leas II to Michael and Kimberly Gardner, lot 9, Westview (survivorship).

Jessica Mentzer to Dylan Stickler, lots 5 and 6, W. Lowrie Allen’s.

Cliff and Emilee Wood to Christian Chaffin, 10 acres, Springfield Township.

George and Pamela Crim to Robert and Nicole McDonald, lot 10, Banfield.

Jeffrey and Patricia Brusselen to Carlos Rodriguez and others, lot 140, Manhattan.

Ashley and David Pietro to Mark Murray, lots 14 and 15, Bartok.

Amanda and Larry Middleton to Douglas Williams and Paula Talbott, 3.678 acres, Knox Township.

Heather Mixter to Tyler Svihla, metes, Springfield Township.

Dennis Darling (deceased) to Mary Darling, 4.15 acres, Salem Township.

Elizabeth Kachur (deceased) to Joyce Kachur, lot 1, Medilla.


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