Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Mary Bushlow to Patrick and Kayla Warner, .482 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Donald Griffith (deceased) to Judy Griffith, lot 6, Seven Oaks, 1201 acres, Ross Township.

William Meyer to JD Home Management LLC, lots 300 and 301, Manhattan.

Nadine Amos to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., lot 14, Findlay Gardens.

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Housing and Urban Development, lot 12, Green Valley.

Diocese of Steubenville to Michael and Stella Sholtis, lot 23, St. John Heights (survivorship).

Michael Sholtis (deceased) to Stella Sholtis, lot 23, St. John Heights.

Stella Sholtis (deceased) to John Sholtis, lot 22, St. John Heights.

David and Loren Franklin to Tiffany Harris, lot 215, Manhattan.

Barbara Teichman (deceased) to Casey Barnhouse and Tracey Matta, .97 acre, Springfield Township.

Casey Barnhouse and Michael Barnhouse to Tracey Matta, .97 acre, Springfield Township.

Albert and Linda Coffman to Petrella Enterprises LLC, part lot 34, Becker Highlands.

Albert and Linda Coffman to Petrella Enterprises LLC, part lots 33 and 34, Becker Highlands.

David Hutchison and others to Kyle Reid Investments LLC, lot 12, WH Rodgers.

Thomas Westfall (deceased) to Joelle Westfall, lot 13, W.H. Rodgers.

Joelle Westfall to Kyle Reid Investments LLC, lot 13, W.H. Rodgers.

Merle and Roseann McHugh to Richard and Andraia Maguire, lot 38, Gerke’s.

Erma Sawko (deceased) to Shirley Sawko and Marie Sawko, lots 34 and 35, Wm B McLaughlin’s.

Michael and Arlene Stillwagon to Raymond Armoroso II, lots 123 and 125, Original Mount Pleasant.

Orega Yanik to Dwain Zink part out lot 2, BN Linduff’s.

Jamie Truchan to Lorrie Cordray, .25 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Michele Bianco to Ralph Pierro, lot 27, Grandview.

Dorothy Robinson to Brawson Hython and Kimberly Hython, part lot 6, Henrietta B. Mears.

Frank and Deborah Taylor to Bette Younglin, part lots 50 and 51, Parkdale.

Frances Gardner to Kara Miller, metes, Springfield Township.

Louise Riley to Nicholas Riley and Michael Riley, lot 48, John Spahn’s.

David and Donna McCasland to Michael and Julie Conlon, lot 14, Woodview (surivorship).

Samuel Mullet to Freeman Burkholder and Nancy Burkholder, metes, Ross Township.

Barbara Phillippi (deceased) to Joseph Phillippi and others, .4132 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Scott Gargiulo to Casie Johnson, .209 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Letitia and Brian Mann to Gilbert and Mary Arehart, lot 26, Wallace Heights.

Gilbert and Mary Arehart to Elizabeth Kuntz, lot 26, Wallace Heights.

Edison Local School District to Raymond and Leanna Arbogast, .526 acre, Salem Township.

John Kandah to Jennifer Storey, .621 acre, Wayne Township.

Gilbert Thermes (deceased) to Andrea Cooper, part lot 35, Green Acres.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Dominic Schuster, part lot 17, Simmons and Fosters.

Martha Sisler to Kara and Zachary Richardson, .931 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Roger Sears II to Tracey Curti, 4.9992 acres, Springfield Township.

Brenda Weiderhold (deceased) to John Weiderhold, lots 2 and 3, Lake Park.

J. Grace Gardner and others to Michael Givens, metes, Wayen Township.

Christopher and Lisa Leyand to Wendelyn and Matthew Seal, part lots 34 and 35, Green Acres.

Larry Kertoy and others to Hounds Haven Inc., metes, Smithfield Township, part lot 10, Crow Hollow.

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp. to Bradford Kurtz, lots 1 and 2, Jenkins.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Paula Vatcher, lot 16, Pleasant Heights.

Luke and Angela Oestman to Matthew Schaefer, lots 1 and 2, part lots 3 and 95, Hillcrest.

Sandra and Gustavo Solares to Matthew Schaefer, part lot 61, Simmons and Fosters.

Margaret and John Moorehead to Terri and Stephen Everhart, lot 78, Manley and Garrett’s.

Bruce and Billie Brown to David Fair, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.


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