Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

David and Lisa Cahill to Matthew and Sarah Cahill, lot 5, Brady Estates

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Unified Bank, lot 111, part lot 112, Walker’s

Sheriff of Jefferson County to JP Morgan Acquisition Corp., 1.52 acres, Knox Township

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Unified Bank, .826 acre, Wayne Township

Denise Smith and Erin Smith to David and Renee Benedict, 1.5 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship)

DiRauso Properties LLC to Kenneth Falkner and Mickey Falkner, lot 71, Gerke’s (survivorship)

Albert McElroy (deceased) to Mark McElroy and Catherine Norton, lot 10, Stuart Manor

Catherine and Christopher Norton to Mark McElroy, lot 10, Stuart Manor

Diocese of Steubenville to Scott Kerkuta, .3944 acre, Smithfield Township

Garry and Susan Lavely to Steven Stanley, lot 56, Ridgeland

Siltstone Resources II LLC to Coutryside Stone LLC, 70.196 acres, Island Creek Township

United Steelworkers to STB STR LLC, part lot 125, lot 126 Original Steubenville

Albert and Elaine Panyi to STB STR LLC, part lot 125, Original Steubenville

Shirley Lash (deceased) to Charlie Lash, lots 7-9, Crestview Manor, 6,659 square feet, Cross Creek Township

Ralph Patterson (deceased) to Patricia Edwards, lots 4 and 5, James L. Nicholson’s

Joann Connor (deceased) to Paul Connor, 6.0548 acres, Island Creek Township

Tracey Riter to Joseph Riter, lot 26, Kitheart and Coles

American Advisers Group to Brooklyn Sarver, lot 69, Sunset Gardens

Tara Cottis and others to Thomas and Janice Gardner, lot 90, Crestview Manor (survivorship)

Emma Viola (deceased) to Robert Viola, part lots 75 and 76, Medilla

Everett Hilderbrand Jr (deceased) to Kathy Hilderbrand, metes, Island Creek Township

Kathy Hilderbrand to Leroy Mossor and Stacie Mossor, metes, Island Creek Township (survivorship)

Frank’s House LLC to Crown City Holdings LLC, metes, Island Creek Township

Housing and Urban Development to Lawrence an Carol Laneve, .875 acre, Springfield Township

Eastern Ohio Housing Development Corp to Rhonda Porter, lot 124, Ross Park

Rose Titi (deceased) to Amatore and Clementine Titi, .248 acre, Steubenville Township

Amatore and Clementine Titi to Alana Rencinella, .248 acre, Steubenville Township

Russell and Carrie Hodgkiss III to Kody Moffit, lots 99 and 100, Walton Acres

Richard Bielak (deceased) to Kenneth Davis and Penny Davis, lot 28, BN Linduff Estate (surivorship)

Marjorie Dennis (deceased) to Janice Maxell, lot 48, part lot 49, David Spaulding’s

Janice Maxell and Robert Maxell to Raymond and Penny Dennis, lot 48, part lot 49, David Spaulding’s, .032 acre, Wells Township

Mark and Brittany Bowman to Stephanie and Craig McClintock, lots 12 and 13, Alexander Manor (survivorship)

Marie Wietfeld to Gina Flenner and Shawn Hastwell, lot 26, Bentwood

Joseph Porrecca to Brian Kliner, lot 141, Westwood Estates


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