Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Vincent Monti (deceased) to Lucia Monti, lot 13 and part lot 12, Pleasant Heights.

Carol Bush to CJW Properties Brilliant LLC, lot 103, David Spaulding’s.

Douglas and Laraine Williams to CJW Properties Brilliant LLC, lot 103, Spaulding’s.

Nancy Williams and James Casebolt, CJW Properties Brilliant LLC, lot 103, Spaulding’s.

Lisa and Corey McClure to Brian and Pennie Scarpone, part lot 7, Ekey’s Third (survivorship).

Jeffrey Miclea to James Rampello, lot 31, Banfield.

Rose Schultz and others to Timothy Ridge Hardwoods, 75.7418 acres, Ross Township.

Sandra Yocum to John Slates, 4.5401 acres, Knox Township.

Patrick J. and Rachel V. Kelly Revocable Living Trust to PNC Bank NA, lot 130, Becker Highlands.

Connie and Michael Dennis to Diann Borden, lot 62, Bergholz.

Independence Asset LLC to Carole Lee, part lots 67 and 68, LaBelleView.

Rita Wigal to James and Nancy Antill, unit 18, Mission Pointe (survivorship).

Charles and Loretta Richardson to Judy Griffith and Darrick Griffith, lots 4 and 5, Seven Oaks (survivorship).

Shirley Gamble and Lori Robertson to Frank and Brittany Klinger, 5 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

John Gilbert (deceased) to Rosetta Gilbert, lots 7 and 8, Banfield.

Gene McLain to Jordan Cerncarik, metes, Knox Township.

Hughes Development Co. LLC to Jennifer Sears, metes, Steubenville Township.

Emery and Bonnie Mason to James Rossi and Jamie Rossi, lot 201, Pleasant Heights.

Gina Pestian (deceased) to Timothy Pestian, lots 10 and 11, McMurray’s Addition.

LuAnn Sholtis (deceased) to Johnna Sholtis, part lots 456 and 457, LaBelleView.

Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority to Jonathan Harton, part lot 3, Pleasant Heights.

Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority to Paul Stackhouse, lot 651, LaBelleView.

Lois Holub and others to Rita Wigal, Unit 6, Mission Pointe.

Richard Finney to Jocelyn Wolpert, lot 44, Hollywood.

Zachary McGrath and Nicoyia McGrath to Alyssa France, lot 9, J.J. Crawford’s.


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