Real estate transfers

The following real estate transfers were recorded in Jefferson County:

Susan Young to Timothy Young, lot 275, LaBelleview.

Frederick and Susan Schoppe to Ronald and Evelyn King, metes, Cross Creek Township, 24.845 acres, Well-Warren Township.

Timothy Rohal and others to James and Tina Trifonoff, lot 14, Stillwells, .0349 acre, Knox Township.

Kyle Kuzmich to Andrew Rutland, lot 197, Walton Acres.

Synodinos Family Revocable Trust to Paul Shepherd, part lots 1, 2, 13, 9 and 10, Pleasant Heights, lot 8, Raymond B John’s, lot 12, Richard and Welday’s, lot 115, John Spahn’s.

Deron Castle Jr. to Amber Smith, lot 45, Dana Lynn.

Platinum Real Estate Investments LLC. to Logan Simon, lot 140, Robert Clark’s.

Advantage RE LLC. to Kirstie Perkins, part lot 198, Pleasant Heights.

Nickolas Stuewe to Marquis McClung Jr., lot 30, Pleasant Heights.

Barbara Keyser (deceased) to Robert Keyser, 1.02 acres, Steubenville Township.

Karen Rusnak to Paul Rusnak, lot 56, Rodger’s.

Karen Rusnak to Paul Rusnak, lots 57 and 58, William H. Rodger’s.

John Fusco (deceased) to Mary Fusco, part lot 2, Pleasant Heights.

Mary Fusco to HCS Merchants Isle LLC., part lot 2, Pleasant Heights.

Melissa Carapellotti to Nickolas and Beth Bressler, part lots 5 and 6, lot 7, Cara Place.

Todd Henry to Christopher Henry, lots 45 and 46, Riverview Terrace.

Paul Kahley and Susan Flores to Joshua Kahley, lot 60, Lake Austin.

Stella Sholtis (deceased) to John Sholtis, lot 23, St. John Heights.

Deborah Hrancho (deceased) to George Hrancho, metes, Smithfield Township.

Robert Petras (deceased) to Jean Petras, lot 191, French’s Addition.

Robert Petras (deceased) to Jean Petras, .529 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Tyra Greene (deceased) to Larry Greene, 24.496 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Tegwen Sacco (deceased) to Gary Helt and Michael Helt, metes, Smithfield Township.

Evelynlee Aleksiejczyk (deceased) to Frank Aleksiejczyk, .18 acre, Steubenville Township.

Irene Vaja (deceased) to Daneen Engleman and others, lot 8, E.H. Ekey’s.

Robert and Connor Boyd to Johnathan Fields, .51 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Anna DiCarlo to Sidney and Sophia Krome, .458 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship) .

Pietro Family Trust to Jonathan Herrick, .517 acre, Steubenville Township.

Bruce and Billie Bowen to JTEA Properties LLC., lot 24, village of Newtown.

Lynn English to Keith English, .311 acre, Knox Township.

Greg and Beth Metcalf to Robert and Kathleen Watts, .402 acre, Steubenville Township.

Chong Coburn to Vincent and Eva Bengar, lot 310, Buena Vista Heights.

City of Steubenville to Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Tracts 30 and 31, Buena Vista Heights.

City of Steubenville to Ohio Department of Natural Resources, metes, Island Creek Township.

Brent Noble (deceased) to Patricia Noble, .25 acre, Springfield Township.

Stephen and Karen Orwick to Douglas Rawson and Melissa Johnson, 12,075 square feet, Wayne Township (survivorship) .

Beverly Smith and Jerry and Debra Neville, lot 16, Crestview Manor.

Timothy and Sherri Haight to Nathan and Melissa Cline, lot 78, Crestview Manor.

Larry King to Center of Hope Friendship Room, part lot 13 and lot 14, Martin Andrew’s.

Elizabeth Peckham and others to Clint Powell and Sonya Powell, .0541 acre, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

General Holdings Trust to Ashley Lutchka, lot 106, Grandview Heights.

Roy Dowdell and Katheryn Dowdell to Thomas Wetzel, 1.463 acres, Smithfield Township.

Thomas Wetzel to Michael Markey, 1.463 acres, Smithfield Township.

Fred and Faye Carter Irrevocable Trust to Stacey Morse, .657 acre, Springfield Township.

Mularcik Enterprise LLC. to Katherine Kauffman, part lot 24, Pleasant Heights.

Denise Oktem to Tracie and Daniel Corbett, lot 141, Beechwood (survivorship) .

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp. to Jeffrey Schuetz, lot 71, John W. Gary’s.

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp. to Donald Grim and Cynthia Grim, .4728 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Anthony Dylewski and Laura Maskepeace to Erin Maxwell, .9 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Shon Barton to Lorraine Davis and Michael Davis, part lot 108 and lot 109, Original Irondale.

John Watts (deceased) to Melissa Watts, lot 27, R.B. Stewart’s Heirs.

Samantha and Erik Jackson to Damion Beall, part lot 14, Original Mingo Junction.

Mary Clark and others to Michael Johnston Jr., 2.67 acres, Wayne Township.

Raymond and Barbara McCann Revocable Living Trust to William and Rebecca Stout, lot 69, Moon Valley Estates.

Lisa Coleman (deceased) to Emily Ishuev, part lots 4 and 5, Lake Park.

Home America Fund III LP to Blackstar Stability Distressed Debt Fund LLC., part lot 29, Smith’s Addition.

Larry Trank Sr. to Patricia Trank, part lot 76, Original Richmond.

Mark Cassell to Vickie Bellitto, lot 20, Buena Vista Heights.

Tyra Greene (deceased) to Larry Green, 24.496 acres, Well-Warren Township.

Phillip Hunter (deceased) to Jody Hunter, lot 122, Country Club Hills.

Ross Penman (deceased) to Christopher Penman and Brittany Penman, metes, Steubenville Township.

Jimmie and Deborah Booth to Jamie Booth, lot 85, Original East Springfield.

James Huggins to Rosemary Huggins, lot 124, Country Club Hills.

John and Nicole Geddis to RC Properties Ohio LLC., lots 4-7, F.A. McFerren’s.

Michael Kuester to Buckeye Mechanical Contracting Inc., 3.44 acres, Wayne Township.

Jason and Mandy Petrelle to Jeffrey Rice, lot 37, Ridgeland.


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