Sycamore Center holds first Christmas concert

AMONG THE PERFORMERS — Entertaining the Dec. 11 audience at the Sycamore Youth and Community Center during an old-fashioned country Christmas concert were, front, from left, Ben Acors, Sara Johnston, Olivia Huval, Amelia Collopy, Audrey Post and Dani Carroll; and back, Jennifer Harris, Jean Schalk, Jacqueline Shea, Christina Westlake, Michael Jett, Alexandra Kaine, Michael Manocchia, Keenan Seditz and Connor Yoho. -- Contributed

STEUBENVILLE — An audience of several hundred turned out for “An Old-Fashioned Country Christmas at Sycamore,” an evening of music and refreshments held Dec. 11 at the Sycamore Youth and Community Center, located at 301 N. Fourth St..

“I was thrilled that we had 300 in attendance at the event which was more than I thought we would have, especially during the busy Christmas season,” said Bobbyjon Bauman, program manager at the center and president of the Ohio Valley Youth Network.

The evening included a variety of Christmas music performed by some of the top youth and adult singers in the valley, according to Bauman.

Featured vocalists were Jacqueline Shea; Amelia Collopy; Sara Johnston; Christina Westlake; Alexandra Kaine; Olivia Huval; Ben Acors; Dani Carroll; Teresa Kropka; Sycamore Community Youth Choir; the Symington family — Eliza Symington, Becca Rook and Mary Sarah; Audrey Post; Jennifer Harris; Gemma Nelson and Michael Manocchia; Keenan Seditz; and Jean Schalk.

There also was a performance by Ambassador Mime to the tune “I Never Lost My Praise.”

Bauman presented a bouquet of roses to Paula Stevens, building manager, and Sharon Kirtdoll.

“Paula spent thousands of hours working on the building as well as the last month decorating the building along with Sharon Kirdoll, who has been a wonderful friend to Paula and me,” Bauman said.

Next up at the Sycamore Center as a major event is a Feb. 1 concert featuring Phil Keaggy, who is regarded as one of the top guitar players in the world. The concert begins at 7 p.m., and tickets range from $10 to $35. Keaggy’s solo career has spanned more than 40 years and has included more than 60 solo albums, vocal and instrumental; eight releases with his band, Glass Harp; and numerous duets and trio albums.


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