Appalachian genealogy topic for Newview

NEW CUMBERLAND — Appalachian genealogy was the topic of discussion at the Jan. 3 meeting of the Newview CEOS volunteers club. The lesson was presented by Doreen Jenkins and covered various methods of constructing a family tree and tracing ancestry.

According to Jenkins, there are many excellent sources of information for the amateur genealogist. Public records such as birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, immigration or military records and the U.S. Census can be found at county clerks’ offices, county libraries and cemeteries. Family bibles also are considered official sources of information because family milestones such as births, deaths and marriages often are recorded there before anywhere else.

The Internet has become an increasingly useful tool for genealogists, allowing them to access records from far away without physically traveling there, Jenkins noted. Websites such as and, at the state level, and,, and on the national level also are “great repositories of information.”

After the lesson, upcoming lessons and projects for the first half of the year were decided. Lessons will include “A Spoonful of Sugar,” “Granny Ladies,” “Monarch Butterflies” and “Basic Self-Defense for Seniors.”

After some discussion, it was decided the club’s long-term project for 2019 will be Box Tops and labels for education. Members will collect and save labels and box tops from grocery products that can be given to schools to redeem for educational supplies and equipment. At the end of the year, these “coupons” will be given to one or more Hancock County schools to be used in any way they choose.

Monthly projects will include donations to some old favorites such as the BHFRN baby safety shower, Energy Express, the 4-H All Stars apple butter cook and the Hancock County Animal Shelter. Club members also are looking for some new projects to benefit their communities.

The Newview CEOS volunteers meet at 11 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month at the Hancock County Senior Center. They begin with a light lunch, followed by a business meeting and monthly lesson, all open to the public. The lesson, fun, and friendship are free but for those who choose to join the group for lunch, the standard senior center fee will apply.

For information on how to join the CEOS, an acronym for Community Educational Outreach Service, or begin a club, contact the WVU Hancock County Extension Service at (304) 564-3805 or Becky Wiegers at (330) 368-8515.