Church sermon topics

¯ Bell Chapel United Methodist Church, Steubenville: “Marco _____!”

¯ Buena Vista United Methodist Church, Steubenville: “With You, I Am Well Pleased.”

¯ Calvary Community Missionary Baptist Church, Steubenville: “A Transforming Assignment.”

– Covenant Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “A Morning Praise Song.”

– Finley United Methodist Church, Steubenville: “Costly Birth,” morning service; “Rule of Christ,” evening service.

– First Christian Church, Steubenville: “Serve Where God Placed You.”

¯ First Church of Christ, Scientist, Steubenville: “Sacrament.”

¯ First United Methodist Church, Toronto: “Listen Up.”

¯ First Westminster Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “Remember to Follow Through.”

– Harmony United Methodist Church, Mingo Junction: “Wondering Generality or Meaningful Specific.”

– Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “The Wired Word — Opioid Addiction Becoming Problem for Persons in Pain.”

– St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Steubenville: First Sunday after Epiphany — Doves All Over the Place.”

– St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Steubenville: “The Baptism of Jesus: His Public Coronation as The Messiah.”

– Starkdale Presbyterian Church, Steubenville: “Sermon on the Mount: Unclouded Vision.”

¯ Wintersville Church of Christ: “Test the Spirits.”

¯ Wintersville United Methodist Church: “Mother Teresa’s Prayer — Do It Anyway.”

– Zion United Church of Christ, Steubenville: “Wind, Water, Fire.”