More in Sunday School could net Salvation Army $5,000

COME TO SUNDAY SCHOOL — Lt. Erik Muhs, pastor/corps officer of the Salvation Army of Steubenville, said a $5,000 grant award is possible locally if the Salvation Army can increase its Sunday School attendance during April by 25 percent. Sunday School classes start at 9:45 a.m. -- Janice Kiaski

STEUBENVILLE — Increasing Sunday School attendance during April could help the Salvation Army of Steubenville land a $5,000 grant.

Lt. Erik Muhs, pastor/corps officer, said the Salvation Army divisional commander in Cleveland has made a charge to all the Salvation Army locations in Northeast Ohio to increase their Sunday School attendance by a minimum of 25 percent for April.

Those successful at the challenge each receive $5,000.

“If we could have a 25 percent increase overall, then he will grant each Salvation Army Corps $5,000 in order to go to whatever needs that they have in their community,” Muhs said.

The local Salvation Army, located at 332 N. Fourth St., has Sunday school classes that begin at 9:45 a.m. on Sundays. There is an adult class; a class for high school and middle school students; and a class for elementary age and younger. Church services begin at 11 a.m.

The challenge runs through Easter with hopes for 20 new attendees of all ages. First-time attendees will receive prizes, according to Muhs. There will be food bags for adults and “a few small prizes for the kids.”

“The goal is to get more kids and adults into church especially during the Lenten season where we really look at the life of Christ and his rising and to get people to come and hear the message and hopefully continue to come,” Muhs said.

The challenge for April runs parallel to the Salvation Army’s final month for the Shepherd’s Table, a free meal open to anyone on Sundays. It generally begins at 12:30 p.m. after church services.

“We typically serve November through April so we want to let people know we are here, and we’re trying to kick off the end of Shepherd’s Table and the Easter season now so that way folks can stay the whole time and not only get fed physically but get fed spiritually as well,” Muhs said.

The $5,000 grant could help expand the Shepherd’s Table to run from September to April instead of November to April, according to Muhs.

In addition to the challenge this month, the Salvation Army is accepting applications for children ages 6-12 to attend free summer camp at Camp NEOSA in Carrollton.

“Normally we have 12 spots available, but we can request more,” Muhs said. The application deadline is April 30, and there is a $30 registration fee for the camp that runs from June 19-24.

Transportation is provided to and from the camp that has a spiritual emphasis and offers a variety of activities, including swimming and kayaking, archery, ziplines, hiking, volleyball, basketball, athletic fields and a nature center.

For information, call (740) 282-5121.