‘Empower’ Youth Mentoring Program holding signup session on Sunday

STEUBENVILLE — The “Empower” Youth Mentoring Program, a program made up of community leaders, city officials, community members, pastors, business owners and high school students, will be recruiting participants during a signup session set for Sunday.

It will be conducted from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Sycamore Youth Center, located at 301 N. Fourth St., Steubenville. The program starts Oct. 3.

“This year’s program will be geared more toward ‘being the change that you wish to see in your CommUNITY,’ and we will do that by instilling positivity into our young people, motivating our young people, showing our young people that we care and showing them that they have bright futures ahead of them,” noted Trey Jeter, director of programs.

“With so much negativity in the world, it is our job as a community to bring some positivity and unity back into our community, and it all starts with us.”

The mentoring program is “a part of the RISE CommUNITY Youth Group, which is a CommUNITY youth group that is run by young people from all over the community who learn about leadership by having their own leadership team called the ‘Ignite’ Leadership Team,” Jeter added. “In that team they receive training monthly and hold monthly meetings to discuss the programs and what improvements we can make to the programs. We also have our Steubenville CommUNITY Youth Choir; Ambassadors Mime Team and Empower Mentoring Program; finance training programs; educational and motivational speeches; our We Care About our CommUNITY Program, which is a program that ministers to the sick and shut-in and also does community service around our CommUNITY; and our ‘Take back our CommUNITY’ program that is geared toward trying to stop the violence by bringing young people and the CommUNITY together,” Jeter continued.

Some of the program mentors, Jeter noted, include Eric Timmons, Brian Bissett, Joey Lamantia, Dawn Smith-Powell, Lisa Nichols, Brenda Ware, Brenda Hilson, Pastor Benjamin Calvert, Art Fowler, Lance Bickerstaff, Jennifer Pierce and Chad Bauman.

For information, call Jeter at (740) 275-6228 or Daija James at (740) 219-3409 or send an e-mail to empoweryouthmentoring@gmail.com.


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