Salvation Army of Steubenville is moving, but not far

Capt. Angie Smith of the Salvation Army of Steubenville checks on volunteers helping Wednesday with moving, including her son, Joseph Smith, directly behind her, and other volunteers from Steubenville High School. -- Janice Kiaski

STEUBENVILLE — The Salvation Army of Steubenville is moving, but not very far.

The relocation in progress since earlier this month shifts services and a longtime presence from 332 N. Fourth St., Steubenville, across the street to the Evans Professional Building at 325 N. Fourth St.

Capts. Angie and Michael Smith, local Salvation Army corps commanding officers, worked with a group of 12 student volunteers from Steubenville High School on Wednesday for about an hour to continue the move, in this case boxes from the food pantry area.

“We’re working to be out of the building by month’s end — Jan. 31 — but we’re planning on being in the new building next week,” Angie said Wednesday just before the student helpers arrived to lend assistance.

“We will be moving the offices on Jan. 24, and we start daily operations on Jan. 25 in the new building,” she said with the fully-moved status at month’s end.

“On Jan. 30 we will be having our family worship start at 11 a.m. in the old building and then, halfway through, we are going to walk to our new building and finish our family worship in the new chapel,” Angie explained. “Then at noon we are going to have an open house for whoever wants to see the new building.”

The move is occurring because Steubenville City Schools is planning a major expansion of its STEM program, constructing a 28,000-square-foot building downtown that will connect to Steubenville High School with a catwalk. The high school is next to the Salvation Army, located on the corner of North Fourth and Dock streets.

Moving forward on those plans has included the acquisition of the next-door-to-each-other Salvation Army of Steubenville and the YWCA of Steubenville properties on North Fourth Street.

“We’re moving because Steubenville City Schools approached us to purchase the building to provide a STEM program for the community’s students,” Angie commented. “We think it’s an amazing opportunity for our community for the students, and the hope is that they will take advantage of that STEM program while they’re in high school, get some college credits, have a career and stay in the Steubenville area,” she added.

Moving is a process.

“We have pretty much the upstairs done. (In) the church we need to move pews and things over, but the kitchen is done. It’s packed. It’s going to be moved over this weekend. All of the classrooms upstairs are done,” Angie said, expressing appreciation for the help of students Wednesday lifting and moving food pantry boxes.

Her thoughts on moving?

“It’s exciting and terrifying both. We are able to use the building for two years so we still need to find a permanent location so that’s the scary part. We have two years,” she said. “In 2024 we’ll have to have our permanent location, and we have no idea where that is yet. We know that God will provide the perfect space for our community, and we’re here to serve the community no matter what building we’re in.”

Compared to the challenges of moving in general, the relocation-across-the-street has an up side in that not only is the distance short, moving vans aren’t needed.

“We don’t really need trucks,” Angie said. “We have our 12-passenger van we use for normal operations and to pick up our congregant members on Sundays who don’t drive. We removed all of the seats from that, and we are using that to go directly across the street so we’re good on a vehicle to move.”

During their assistance time, the students carried food pantry boxes and other items from the current location up a flight of stairs to the Salvation Army parking lot. The boxes were packed into the van, which, when loaded, was driven across the street to the parking lot of the Evans Professional Building and then unloaded.

Another plus, at least temporarily, is that the move doesn’t require a change in the telephone number — it’s still (740) 282-5121 — and the mailing address for donations, for example, remains the Salvation Army of Steubenville, P.O.Box 1226, Steubenville OH 43952.

“A lot of it will be mused for storage, including the dental area,” Angie said of the new location for the time being. It has two floors. “We have a great chapel, we have ample classrooms, and we have a downstairs multipurpose room we can use,” she said.

Like the current Salvation Army building, the new temporary has a chair lift if needed.


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