Municipal Court

The following cases were cleared, court costs added, in Steubenville Municipal court with Judge John Mascio presiding:

Britney M. Alvis, 27, 368 Summit Ave., no license, $100; Aaron J. Brescio, 37, Youngstown, no license, $100, unsafe vehicle, $100, no seat belt, $30; Jacob A. Ewan, 24, 238 Hilger Ave., Wintersville, suspended license, four days in jail; A’Zhanea Herrin, 21, Apartment D12, 720 N. Seventh St., petit theft, three days in jail suspended, 18 hours community service; Terrence D. Lawson, 53, Apartment 808, 815 N. Sixth St., bench warrant, three days in jail; Nicholas M. Mavromatis, 26, 123 New Alexandria Road, Brilliant, probation violation, five days in jail; Sarah M. Minch, 30, 204 Benita Drive, Mingo Junction, failure to file for registration, $25; Raymond H. Pleise, 62, 4375 state Route 646, Bloomingdale, open container, four days in jail; Robert D. Ring, 45, 473 Woodland Ave., criminal mischief, 10 days in jail; Daniel A. Stein, 40, 213 Lower Spruce St., Follansbee, suspended license, $200, expired plates, $50; Michon Walker, 32, 1209 Gilchrist St., Brilliant, failure to display plates, $50, defective mechanism, $50, no seat belt, $30, expired license, $50, defective mechanism, $50;

Morgan Aracich, 23, 2126 Bethany Pike, Wellsburg, drug paraphernalia, 10 days in jail suspended , 18 hours community service; Leona Hardy, 53, 512 Loretta Ave., Toronto, stop sign, costs; Deanna K. Martin, 34, 732 N. Sixth St., petit theft, drug abuse instrument, drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct, 11 days in jail; David R. Maxey, 26, Montrose, Pa., improper handling of firearm in motor vehicle, attempted drug abuse, 11 days in jail, $200, OVI, three days in jail, $600, driver intervention program, one year license suspension; Darifaye E. McGhee, 35, Akron, suspended license, $50; Tiffany M. Miller, 28, 327 N. Sixth St., probation violation, three days in jail; Robert J. Smith, 41, 323 Madison Ave., drug paraphernalia, five days in jail; John E. Ware II, 31, 108 Aetna St., Mingo Junction, drug abuse instrument, possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, three days in jail;

Bruce A. Billingsley Jr., 26, 377 Sunshine Park Road, suspended license, $250, expired plates, $50; Ashley B. Brown, 32, 1717 Pennsylvania Ave., Weirton, criminal trespass, one day in jail, one day of community service; Christopher M. Clarke, 27, 1009 Biltmore Ave., Toronto, obstructing official business, $500, criminal trespass, $150; Kevin J. Robinson, 23, 908 N. Sixth St., suspended license, three days in jail suspended, 18 hours community service, operating vehicle without reasonable control, $100; and Zachary R. Scholl, 27, 13792 state Route 213, Irondale, suspended license, $250, suspended license, $300, open container, $100.

Brittany Alvis, 27, 368 Summit Ave., dog at large, dangerous dog, $100; Ricky D. Barnett, 49, 180 N. Fourth St., disorderly conduct while intoxicated, one day in jail; Bernard J. Brown, 50, 125 Ravine St., Mingo Junction, suspended license, dismissed; Robert R. Burch III, 21, Apartment 7, 900 Fifth St., Brilliant, possession of marijuana, to complete diversion program, speeding, $25; Jennifer Crawford, 35, 509 1/2 Union Ave., three counts child endangering, dismissed upon completion of diversion program; Donald L. Doty III, 35, 735 Rosswell Ave., theft, 30 days in jail, probation violation, six days in jail; Tracey N. Dye, 47, 136 S. Seventh St., dog at large, $100; Michael Fairclough, 27, 816 Third St., Brilliant, tampering with evidence, attempted drug abuse, possession of drugs, petit theft, resisting arrest, 10 days in jail; Cynthia Forrester, 58, 118 Lee Road, Follansbee, failure to yield, $25; Vandellia M. Hearn, 34, Lot 62, 1588 state Route 43, Richmond, expired license, $50, following too close, $50; Jeremy D. James, 34, 38 township Road 1078, Unionport, failure to control, $25; Bethann Kovalski, 52, 205 Valley Road, Mingo Junction, expired license, $50, expired plates, $25; Heidi Margy, 52, Steubenville, cruelty to animals, 90 days in jail suspended; Cameron A. Mayberry, 21, 3667 county Road 45, Richmond, driving with temporary permit without licensed driver, $100, no turn signal, $25; Jonathan H. Stein, 43, 213 Lower Spruce St., Mingo Junction, allowing unlicensed driver to drive, $50; Tamala E. Wade, 45, 530 Ross St., no license, $100;

Joseph F. Lawrence, 26, Weirton, expired license, $100, speeding, $25; Ryne J. McCoy, 29, 674 township Road 378, Steubenville, probation violation, one day in jail; Bobbie Joe Miles, 39, 436 Maxwell Ave., littering and illegal outdoor storage, two days in jail; Justin J. Peasnall, 31, Toole, Utah, improper handling of firearm in motor vehicle, two days in jail, $500; and James C. Pruitt, 26, 732 N. Seventh St., contempt of court, one day in jail.


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