Police reports


Arrested: Kirkland Tompkins, 37, 1516 Oregon Ave., trespassing, Saturday.

Arrested: Thomas L. Bennett, 41, 721 Kendall Ave., Follansbee, failure to appear and obstructing an officer, Saturday.

Arrested: Joseph A. Henderson, 37, 885 Highland Ave., Follansbee, failure to appear, driving while suspended and open container, Saturday.

Arrested: Pamela Mills, 37, 515 North Fifth St., Toronto, probation violation and failure to appear, Saturday.

Arrested: Shawn G. Gill, 48, Apartment 505, 180 North Fourth St., failure to appear, Friday.

Cited: Jessica L. Majewski, 37, 722 county Road 150, Dillonvale, driving while suspended.

Shot fired: A report of a shot being fired in the area of Woodlawn Road and University Boulevard at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday was investigated and nothing found.

Mingo Junction

Speeding citations: James L. Blackwell, 39, Cleveland; Lewis A. Caldrone, 31, 402 Longview Ave., Mingo Junction; Thomas R. Call, 68, 3097 Wilson Ave., Steubenville; Anita N. Cunningham, 25, 76 Eugene St., Steubenville; Patricia Flaherty, 62, 214 West Blvd., Mingo Junction; Leland L. Fultine, 64, Coolville; Christopher J. Laroche, 31, Bellaire; Clayton D. McDaniel, 29, East Liverpool; Marlene Miller, 67, 662 Rinker Road, Steubenville; Thelma K. Rayburn, 74, 415 S. Main St., Amsterdam; Mandy S. Tweedy, 41, 401 county Road 39, Bloomingdale; and Joyce N. Yates, 26, Wheeling.

Cited: Brandon R. Altieri, 35, 2032 Commercial St., Mingo Junction, stop sign; Henry R. Burton, 35, 205 S. Fourth St., Steubenville, suspended license, headlight violation, expired plates and illegal plates; Zane T. Cook, 18, 31 Dusty Lane, Steubenville, no seat belt and no turn signal; Josten M. Dear, 24, 1360 Main St., Smithfield, suspended license, no seat belt, faulty exhaust and illegal plates; Shaila M. Dye, 19, Apartment F, 805 Market St., Steubenville, faulty exhaust and no child restraint; David J. Edwards, 39, 243 Main St., Follansbee, suspended license, no taillights and no insurance; Catie Hill, 24, 138 Rex Ave., Wintersville, no turn signal; Jesse C. Leek, 27, 106 Locust Ave., Mingo Junction, suspended license, illegal plates and faulty exhaust; Scott D. Martin, 52, 3345 county Road 19, Brilliant, speeding and no license; Donald R. Merritt, 21, 114 Brondus Ave., Steubenville, no seat belt and stop sign; Anthony J. Mickey, 26, 333 county Road 47, Toronto, speeding and suspended license; Vincent M. Oliver, 28, 382 state Route 151, Mingo Junction, speeding, suspension and faulty exhaust; Lance Penner, 18, 762 Commercial St., Mingo Junction, no license, expired plates; Connie F. Proger, 54, 410 Lincoln Ave., Mingo Junction, suspended license; Zachary Renforth, 22, 121 Holly Ave., Mingo Junction, no seat belt, expired plates and no insurance; Randy J. Rouse, 47, 308 Valley Glen Road, Mingo Junction, no seat belt, stop sign and no turn signal; Matthew T. Sherrell, 20, 824 Rosswell Ave., Steubenville, no license, faulty exhaust.

Charged: Linda Whittington, 56, 101 Edwards St., Mingo Junction, drug possession and drug paraphernalia, Sept. 30.

Charged: Felicia A. Burns, 20, 314 Howard St., Weirton, drug possession, Sept. 29.

Charged: Melody L. Clark, 40, 205 S. Fourth St., Steubenville, drug possession, Sunday.

Charged: Jonathan M. Harrell, 20, 2113 Pleasant Ave., Wellsburg, operating vehicle under the influence and speeding, Oct. 1.


Speeding citations: Joseph Siebert, 37, 120 Barbara Ave., Steubenville; John Vaccarello, 83, Pittsburgh; Joshua D. Chociej, 22, 377 Scenic Drive, Steubenville; Janice Salano, 20, Ludlow, Mass.; John E. Adams, 53, Apartment 3, 181 Talbott Drive, Steubenville; Christina Dalyrmple, 48, 16 Highview Circle, Weirton; Kenneth Dayton, 71, 11957 county Road 26, Bloomingdale; Kayla O’Neill, 21, 227 Woodridge Drive, Wintersville; Ann Cash, 63, 225 Frostview Drive, Wintersville; and Frances-Clare Lucas, 27, 601 Two Ridge Road, Wintersville.

Cited: Marlene J. Roscoe, 55, 3468 Wilson Ave., Wintersville, no insurance; Shaunnessy M. Anderson, 25, 4782 state Route 43, Richmond, failure to yield; William E. Handrich, 42, Dover, expired registration; John E. Hirsch, 63, Apartment 320, 815 N. Sixth St., expired registration; and Scott A. Byers II, 22, 2384 state Route 646, Richmond, improper registration.


County sheriff

Arrested: Chad W. Anderson, 34, 420 Marland Heights Road, Weirton, obstructing and fleeing from an officer, Tuesday.

Arrested: William L. Stevens, 42, 325 Arch St., Follansbee, driving while license revoked for driving under the influence and second offense-driving under the influence, Tuesday.

Arrested: Kristian N. Koscevic, 22, 279 Virginia Ave., Wellsburg, failure to appear, Wednesday.

Arrested: Ashley D. Galloway, 32, 86 Friendly Acres, Wellsburg, transferring stolen property, Thursday.

Arrested: Chad R. Galloway, 33, 86 Friendly Acres, Wellsburg, breaking and entering and grand larceny, Thursday.


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