Daily Happenings 6-26-20

Today’s birthday

Connie Hoobler, Steubenville.

Police reports

Steubenville police

Broken: A driver reported his oil pan was broken when he went over a large rut in the roadway in the 600 block of Grandview Avenue, Tuesday. The driver told police he was detouring around a building demolition in the 1100 block of Claire when he encountered “large ruts” made by the demo company’s excavators and dump trucks.

Stolen: A woman said she found a catalytic converter from her company’s box truck on the ground and its internal components removed when she finished work at her Sunset Boulevard office, Tuesday. The woman said a family member had also had a catalytic converter stolen from a vehicle two weeks ago.

Complaint: A caller reported a juvenile sticking his head through shards of broke glass from a second story window, Tuesday. The child’s mother told police she’d block entry to the room and would get the glass replaced.

Hit: A woman parked in the 1400 block of Euclid said a rental truck struck her parked car, Tuesday. Her vehicle had paint transfer, a shattered headliner and small crack on the bumper, police said.

Scared: A woman said her life was being threatened by a person known to her, Tuesday. She said the man was sending her Facebook messages threatening to send people to her home to kill her because she’d allegedly told his ex-girlfriend he was in a relationship with another woman and that woman was pregnant.

Caterwauling: Callers reported a woman causing another disturbance in the 900 block of Sheffield, Tuesday. When they arrived on scene, officers said they observed a woman “singing loudly under the deck.”

Unhappy meal: Callers reported a couple in a black Honda “screaming obscenities and throwing food at the staff” of a fast food restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, Tuesday. The couple fled before police arrived.

Congregating: Police investigating reports of a large group of juveniles caught up to them in Hollywood Plaza. The youths told police they were on the way home from a church meeting. Police noted they were not walking in the roadway “and did not appear to be causing any issues.”

Fisticuffs: Two women were fighting in the 1600 block of Roosevelt Ave., Wednesday. Police said the fight was over when they arrived. One of the women was said to have been intoxicated.

Missing: A motorist in the 700 block of Lincoln Avenue said her right driver side wheel came off, Wednesday.

Jefferson County sheriff

Bashed: Two households on County Road 47, Toronto, reported mailboxes had been smashed, Wednesday.

Investigating: A day care operator reported bruises on the face of a 3-year-old, Wednesday. The day care worker said the child told her a man living with her mother had hurt him, but the adult male claims the child’s mother leaves him for days at a time and suggested the child had run into his truck, Sunday. The mother said she originally thought the bruises were caused by a head-to-head collision involving her son and another child at a local lake until she realized they took the form of a hand. She said she delayed filing a report so she could find a new place to live.

Arrested: Chevelle Threats, 32, 168 Half West St., Mount Pleasant, operating a vehicle under the influence, Wednesday.

Arrested: Christopher Eddy, 30, 813 Fourth St., Brilliant, warrant for failure to appear (Belmont County), Wednesday. Eddy also was cited for driving under suspension.


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