Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Arrested: Zachary D. Davis, 29, 362 Maplewood Drive, Wintersville, possession of drug paraphernalia, Thursday.

Arrested: Ziaira Davidson, 29, 362 Maplewood Dr., Steubenville, failure to appear, Thursday.

Drugs: An individual who overdosed in the 400 block of Woodland died, Thursday.

Arguing: A Toronto area woman said she didn’t feel safe with her husband in the house, Thursday. The woman told deputies they’d been arguing “about husband and wife things” all day and he’d stepped on her foot while she was putting things in the closet, so she locked herself in the bathroom. The husband, sitting on the porch when deputies arrived, said they’d been fighting about “anything and everything” throughout the day but the disagreements were purely verbal. Before calling the sheriff’s department he said she’d called “five other people” and that he was in the process of gathering personal items so he could stay elsewhere when she locked him out of the house. Both of them said they’d looked into a divorce several years ago but never followed through.

Stolen: A woman working at an East Springfield convenience store said someone stole her purse, Thursday. The woman said she didn’t realize anything was amiss until a man handed the purse to her and said he’d found it outside. The woman said $40 and her iPhone 10 were missing.

Internet issue: A Toronto woman alerted deputies to a website where pictures of females currently attending or previously attending high school, including juveniles, are being posted anonymously, Thursday. The website, which the Dutch government shut down in 2017, allows users to post names and pictures of students from any school district, deputies said. Nude photos have been uploaded as well, though several victims told deputies the photo attached to their name was not of them. The FBI and BCI have been consulted, deputies said. Victims want their names and purported photos removed from the site.

Steubenville police

Tangled: Two trucks bumped bumpers in the rear parking lot at a South Third Street gas station, Wednesday. While one of the drivers was contacting a supervisor to make sure he didn’t need to file a report, he noticed the other driver leaving the scene but managed to record the carrier name and vehicle number.

Left behind: Employees at a Mall Drive business reported finding a handgun in a restroom, Wednesday.

Hit: A Maxwell Avenue woman told police she was punched in the side of the face by a man she knows, Wednesday. The victim told police she was walking down the street when the man pulled up beside her and accused her of being with someone else, following her into a local market where the man allegedly punched her and dragged her out by her hair. A witness confirmed two people had pushed through the door of the store, fighting, and that a male had dragged a female out.

Stalker: Friends reported a man stalking his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend in the 1300 block of Arlington Avenue, Wednesday.

Arrested: Timothy Johnson, 52, 1423 Ridge Ave., Steubenville, failure to appear, Thursday.

Arrested: Jacqueline Stevens 38, 5378 State Route 152, Dillonvale, possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and petty theft, Thursday. Stevens allegedly skip-scanned $225 in merchandise at Walmart, and allegedly had a glass crack pipe in her purse and a brown substance believed to be heroin in her pocket when she was searched. Stevens told them she didn’t know what either item was or how they came to be in her possession, police said.

Cited: Gerald V. Michael, 83, 69 Pioneer Drive, Wintersville, red light violation and leaving the scene following a fender-bender at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Lovers Lane; Johnathan Beier, 36, 719 N. 4th St., overtime parking; Joan M. Jurkiewicz, 82, 305 Lovers Lane, driving under suspension and failure to control; Raven Lapre Harris, 31, 1316 Oregon Ave., improper passing; and Miranda S. Reed, 24, 3148 Wilson Ave., Mingo Junction, obedience to a traffic control device. Reed allegedly continued through a red light even though she had adequate time to stop, police reported.

Thief: A white male left a grocery store with merchandise valued at $250 without paying, Thursday. Police said the man, who had a tattoo on his upper right arm and a cross tattoo on his upper left arm, fled in a Jeep Compass with North Carolina plates driven by a white woman.


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