Police reports

Steubenville Police

Behaving badly: A woman said she threatened another woman in the 700 block of Market Street because she heard the woman was spreading rumors about her, Friday.

Thief: Someone stole a gas-powered mower from a shed behind a residence in the 600 block of Pine Street, Friday.

Arrested: Tomichael Coats, 37, 2835 E. 11th Ave., Columbus, burglary and assault, Sunday.

Arrested: Teresa D. Strovilas, 45, 3220 Sunset Blvd., disorderly conduct, Friday.

Arrested: Jeremy Johnson, 39, Steubenville, public intoxication and possession of drugs, Sunday.

Arrested: Kristen N. Johnson, 37, Shreeve, Ohio, public intoxication, Sunday.

Arrested: Jeno Wall, 29, no fixed address, domestic violence, Thursday.

Arrested: Brittany Bowser, 25, 311 Eagle Court, Wheeling, possession of drugs and conveying prohibited items into the detention center, Sunday.

Arrested: William Robinson, 54, 1516 Maryland Ave., criminal trespass and petit theft, Sunday.

Arrested: James Branham, 37, 815 Market St., criminal trespass, Monday. Police reported when they arrived on scene Branham, who had been banned from Market Square, was screaming for officers to shoot him. They said he head-butted a wall in the booking area while being processed at the county jail.

Dancing: A man dancing in the middle of the intersection of Maxwell and Adams Street, taking his clothes off and approaching motorists, told police he was waiting for a neighborhood store to open so he could buy a phone charger, Sunday. Police said the man “appeared to be under the influence of narcotics.”

Going natural: A caller reported seeing a naked man “wandering in and out” of vehicles at a car lot on Princeton Avenue, Sunday.

Catting around: A man residing in the vicinity of Adams Street spotted what he believes to be a bobcat behind his property, Sunday.

Loaned: A Weirton man told police he loaned his car to a friend, but didn’t know the friend’s name, Sunday. The man said the person who borrowed his car said it was stolen after he parked it on Hill Street.

Scammed: A Lover’s Lane resident said a man who’d agreed to pay $800 for his car took it for a test drive and never returned, Sunday. The complainant said his roommate gave the man the bill of sale without collecting the cash.

Offensive: Juveniles were caught at the marina with drugs and alcohol, Monday.

Jefferson County sheriff

Flashing: An Island Creek township resident reported a neighbor who was upset about him setting off fireworks had a gun in his hand when he confronted him, Saturday. The complainant said the man never pointed the weapon at him, but he wanted the incident on record.

Overdosed: A man was found unresponsive with a syringe next to him on a trail off Marina Road, Island Creek Township, Friday. First responders had to resort to a sternum rub to resuscitate him when Narcan administered to both nostrils failed to elicit a response, deputies said. ATV riders had spotted the man in the weeds and called 911.

Mystery: A woman visiting a Bloomingdale residence said her brother was intoxicated and acting out, so she hit him with a plastic spatula, drawing blood. Her brother said he was in his bed, sleeping, when his “violent sister” began hitting him for no reason. Neither of the siblings wanted to pursue charges, but the brother was covered in blood and had to go to the hospital for stitches.

Inappropriate: A woman said she and her boyfriend were not permitted to leave a family party in Smithfield, Saturday. Her mother said the boyfriend had behaved inappropriately during the party, punching her in the face and exposing himself to her own mother. The mother wasn’t interested in filing charges but the grandmother was reviewing video footage to see if he’d been caught. The boyfriend, who denied wrongdoing, couldn’t leave because he had locked his keys in the trunk.

Drunk: A 37-year-old “highly intoxicated” man threatened to beat his stepfather up and called his mother a foul name because they wouldn’t let him drive, Sunday.

Bad reaction: A Rayland resident told deputies his diabetic girlfriend was destroying his house, Sunday. Deputies said the woman was argumentative and smelled like “an intoxicating beverage.” They said the woman eventually decided it was in her best interests to go home.

Roundup: Deputies helped a Bloomingdale-area man round up his neighbor’s cattle, Saturday.

Noisy: An Island Creek township resident heard someone prying a door open and called 911, Monday. Nothing appeared to be missing.

Arrested: Victoria Malone, 57, 246 Lincoln Ave., possession of drugs and conveying prohibited items into a detention facility, Sunday.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Arrested: Joseph Francis, 33, 4938 township Road 177, Rayland, parole violation, Saturday.

Toronto police

Arrested: Kylie M. Jones, 27, Massillon, probation violation, Friday.

Amsterdam police

Arrested: Andrew Palish, 58, 6234 Pronto Road SE, probation violation, Saturday.


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