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Patti Smith Nixon, Weirton.

Police reports

Steubenville police

Charity gone awry: A woman who bought gas for a man who didn’t have the money said he’s harassing her now, Monday. She said the man has been calling her repeatedly, complaining she took him to the wrong gas station. She said she blocked his cell number, so now he’s using a new, text-free number.

Taken: A woman in the 3900 block of Sunset Boulevard who’d been having relationship issues with her boyfriend in recent weeks moved out of her apartment, Her landlady said the appliances weren’t hers to take.

Deep pockets: Police say they found a woman who’d fled J.C. Penney’s and jumped a guardrail behind Dick’s Sporting Goods store laying on a pile of clothes with the price tags still attached, Monday. The woman said someone made her steal the items for a child’s birthday party. Police reported finding three hypodermic needles and a glass pipe when they searched her plus another 19 needles in a bag next to her, and store employees alleged she was wearing a shirt she hadn’t paid for. Another woman admitted spotting a couple items she’d dropped on the ground and stuffed them into the wheel well of an SUV.

Bruised and battered: A man who’d tried to get two people who were loitering at a Sunset Boulevard car wash was found laying in a pool of his own blood, Monday. Witnesses told police a male punched the man in the face and fell to the ground, hitting his head on concrete. His assailant and a woman both got into their vehicles and left. Police said the victim had a large lump and blood on the side of his head and had no recollection of what had happened. He was flown by medical helicopter to a Pittsburgh hospital for treatment.

Healthy lungs: Callers reported a woman at Fourth and Washington streets standing in the middle of the road, screaming. Police said when they arrived on scene they didn’t find anyone causing a disturbance, though they did advise a woman who was talking to herself to go home.

Mishap: A juvenile in the 1200 block of Oak Grove was cited for failure to yield after pulling into traffic, driving directly into the path of a westbound vehicle, Tuesday.

Lost and found: Casings from a .357 handgun fell out of a vehicle in the 200 block of South Fourth Street, Tuesday.

Neatness counts: A homeowner in the 600 block of Prospect Avenue said he watched a man toss a beer can onto his property, Tuesday. The homeowner said when he confronted the miscreant, he pulled out a knife and began swinging at him so to protect himself, he pushed the other man against the wall before returning to his residence. Police said the man accused of tossing the can “appeared to be heavily intoxicated” and initially denied throwing it or having a weapon, but when they talked to him after viewing the footage he’d lost interest in pursuing charges.

Assault: A caller in the 400 block of South Sixth Street reported seeing a man assaulting his girlfriend, Tuesday. Police said the girl told them she’d been arguing with her boyfriend of two months but “she would be fine,” despite having red marks on her neck. She said the boyfriend had fled in a white vehicle with Florida plates and was probably headed to Pittsburgh, where he sometimes stays with friends. She told police she wished they hadn’t been called because she didn’t want to pursue charges.

Handyman: A woman in the 800 block of North Sixth Street said a man in her building is harassing her, Monday. She told police the man is making suggestive comments and rubbing her arm.

Hangers on: A woman realized her wallet was missing from her backpack after the man she’d been hanging out with at a South Fourth Street location had left, Monday. The woman told police she had at least $80 in the wallet.

Cited: Jamie D. Anderson, no age available, 2641 County Road 47, Toronto, changing lanes without caution.

Damages: A man found cracks in his side window that appeared to have been made by a screwdriver or something sharp, Tuesday. The man told deputies he didn’t see the vandalism, but he suspects his girlfriend’s ex, who has been stalking her, is responsible.

Troubled: A woman reported a family member armed with a large Bowie knife was carrying it around her house during an argument with his girlfriend, Tuesday. She said the man didn’t threaten her or the girlfriend with the weapon but similar episodes happen frequently. The girlfriend said they argued because he’d accused her of being unfaithful and when she wanted to leave he told her no, though he didn’t threaten to hurt her. She said her boyfriend held the knife to his own throat, which he denied. The man told deputies he’s having trouble with his medication.

Jefferson County sheriff

Vandalism: Two young boys playing with rocks cracked a neighbor’s car window, Tuesday. The victim told deputies he saw the kids throwing rocks at cars and rubbing them on the hood and trunk of his vehicle. Parents of the two boys said they would pay for the damages.

Arrested: Calista Henderson, 22, 1247 Sinclair Ave., Steubenville, probation revoked, Monday.

Arrested: Jared Holland, 26, 146 Liberty St., Dillonvale, domestic violence, Tuesday.

Amsterdam police

Arrested: David Allen Hinerman, 45, 118 Arch St., Amsterdam, two counts failure to appear, Tuesday.

Toronto police

Arrested: Dakota Starr, 24, 5 Maple Street, Delaware, Ohio, petit theft and possession of drug paraphernalia (pending), Tuesday.


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