Daily Happenings 10-24-20


Oct. 24

Michael McIntyre, Steubenville.

Oct. 25

Tom Rogers, Steubenville.

Melayna Barker, Steubenville.

Jared Jenkins, 11, Colliers.

Police reports

Steubenville police

No good deed…: An older white female who struck one of the cages near the Kroger gas pumps called a man who tried to help her a derogatory term, Wednesday.

Parting gift: A man who let two women stay at his residence a couple of days told police when they left, they took his circular saw, Wednesday.

Shattered: Someone threw a rock through a window in the 700 block of Pine Street, Wednesday.

Missing: A woman whose ex-boyfriend threatened to burn her house down around her said a gas can he’d left on her porch before he was arrested earlier this week had been moved, Thursday. The can was gone when the woman returned home from work, and her mother was concerned because she detected a faint odor of gas.

Hands-off: A woman told police she was arguing with her boyfriend downtown when he struck her in the side of the head several times, Thursday. The woman was upset and her T-shirt was torn, police said. She said the man threatened to hurt her two-month-old baby, who was still in the car. The man denied anything physical happened. Police said her face was red and slightly swollen.

Painted: A woman in the 800 block of North Eighth Street said someone spray painted her car, Thursday. Police said a line of white paint stretched from the front quarter panel across the front and rear doors.

Pranked: A man wearing a Michael Myers mask outside East Elementary spooked onlookers, Thursday. The man told police he donned the mask to frighten his kids, but they told him it’s not the best thing to do outside a school.

Family fight: A caller in the 500 block of Arden Avenue claimed his brother threatened him with a piece of rebar during a fight over missing medical marijuana, Thursday. Police said the caller had a knife in a sheath on his hip, and said he pulled it out when his brother grabbed the pipe. The other man said the caller had pulled out a knife and threatened to stab him.


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