Daily Happenings 11-17-20

Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Assaulted: A 13-year-old girl punched a 14-year-old girl in the face, Sunday. The victim told deputies she’d tried to walk away but the girl grabbed her by the hair and attacked her. The girl said it’s not the first time the girl tried to assault her.

Steubenville police

Staycation: A man evicted from a residence in the 400 block of Lincoln Avenue was discovered in the residence after he was supposed to be gone, Thursday. The man and his girlfriend, located in an upstairs bedroom, claimed they didn’t know about the eviction letter. The landlord gave them to the end of the day to vacate the premises.

Cranky: An irate Columbia Gas customer denied crews access to her home to turn her gas back on, Thursday. The homeowner said they’d been at her home the day before and found some minor leaks and she felt it was taking them to long to fix the problems. Police persuaded her to let the workers do their job.

Foul tip: A bystander reported seeing someone in a white Volkswagen convertible with a black top pull over next to a black Mercedes SUV, get out of the vehicle and break the rear taillight out with a baseball bat, Thursday. The owner, when notified, also spotted white paint on the rear bumper that hadn’t been there before.

Irate: A woman involved in a disturbance at McCauslen Manor allegedly waived a gun at a man whose kids allegedly poked holes in a stairwell wall and knocked her exercise bike over, Thursday.

Cheaters never win: Police said a woman who found out her husband was at a hotel with another woman was “very emotionally upset,” Thursday. The husband couldn’t be reached.

Frantic: A man who laid an envelope with his name on it on a shelf at Walmart said someone took it, Thursday.

Greedy: A woman was allegedly caught trying to leave Walmart without paying for nearly $70 in merchandise, Saturday. Employees produced surveillance footage said to show the same woman dressed in the same clothes leaving the store the night before with a TV and sound bar she hadn’t paid for, police said. Police allege she had nine Xanax tablets hidden in a cigarette wrapper in her possession when she was taken into custody. Charged with two counts of petit theft, misdemeanor possession of drugs and two bench warrants was Ashley Aguilera, 30, 128 Sunny Acres Dr., Wintersville.

Hit: A woman said her car was rear-ended when she had to come to a stop while trying to merge onto Sunset from Brady, Friday. She said the older, white two-door vehicle with a younger white male driving fled the scene.

Bad memories: A man who’d been staying at Fort Steuben Apartments didn’t remember assaulting his host, Saturday. Police said the man appeared to be “under the influence of some narcotic due to his demeanor and speech,” and told them he was unaware of any disturbance in the other man’s apartment. During the course of the interview, police also noted the man’s demeanor jumped from calm to agitated and then confused. The victim, who had minor scratches on his arms and a small laceration on top of his head, didn’t want to pursue charges but he did want him out of the apartment, police said. Police were called back to the building later in the shift after callers reported a man trying to sleep on the floor in a hallway was “yelling and screaming.” The resident he’d decided to stay with after being evicted from the first apartment came to the door, but was “unable to (formulate) a coherent sentence.” He was removed from the building.

Promises promises: A couple arguing in the 400 block of Adams Street caused a disturbance, Saturday. The woman told police her boyfriend had threatened to move out, so they argued.

Booted: A “severely intoxicated and belligerent male” was removed from the emergency department at Trinity West, Saturday.

Cited: Vance T. Lytle, 22, 1054 Adams St., Steubenville, driving under suspension; Selwyn Lewis, 29, 2023 Oregon Ave, Steubenville, stop sign violation. Lewis was cited following a two-car accident.


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